Thursday, May 21, 2015


Oh this is just what we needed.  My sister Judy has been in Atlanta all winter helping with her 3 little grand kids so she too was needing the Mexico break.  Not sure  I "need" the Mexico break but I love to come here, get my summer tan on, do nothing for a week and enjoy.

How could you not love this view of Black Mountain everyday?

One of our favorite places to eat, "Wrecked at the Reef" however we don't get wrecked we just eat shrimp and more shrimp.

I love the beach house! At high tide the water comes all the way up to the steps.  Dawn and Wimp just signed papers to sell it. I am sad.  They do have another unfinished house that they will start on in the fall. It is a couple of streets off the beach but I am sure we will love it too.
Jody and Judy, the Chisum Sisters and friends

And the sand dollar hunt begins.

We went out about 2.5 miles from the shore out to the water front and then onto the flats another 1.5 miles to the sand dollar grave yard.  The picture of Judy is of her swimming in the Sea of Cortez when the water was way in. 

We went out 3 different mornings.  The first morning Judy looked at each and every sand dollar and sea shell.  I love her enthusiasm. Her bucket is the one on the left with not many. Me, I was all about the hunt, it's like hunting for Easter eggs.  The last morning we walked out to the water front thinking that the water wasn't far enough out to find any.  But we found lots and then put about 50 of them close together so they could be with their friends.
This is the picture that I take every year and this year we lined up 140.  We left lots for the next time we come.  I want to take them all home to remember how fun it is. 

It was great being together.  Judy is "the glass is half full" type always positive, always interested in what you are saying and doing. So easy to be around and just so nice.  We walked and talked and ate shrimp every day, watched TV, read books, napped, I hand sewed the binding on a quilt for Aunt Dawn, and we did it all over again.  Judy told me stories of when I was just little and stories of her growing up.   
Judy, Wimp, Craig & Vickie Riggs & Dawn  at our very favorite dumpy Mexican food place, Mr. Shrimp Tacos.  Shrimp tacos for $1.50, burritos for .50 and a side order of dirt floors
and a view of the fishing boats and there friends.
So long Mexico, sand, dirt, beautiful water, the perfect weather and great company.  Back to AZ then home again home again giggy gigThanks for having us.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Boski 2015

Dayne J Marren  Palmer ~  It's Great to Be 8
I went a couple of days early before all the kids arrived.  Ash and I walked each morning on this beautiful tree lined street.  We also went to a Mexican grocery store to get the Chicklets for the tables and on the door was this sign.  I thought it was funny that it has no rats along with the cat and dog. 
Aaron and Dr Nat and boys came the day before Dane and Ethan and Nat and their family. The cousins were so happy to be together.   First order of fun right off the plane was an A's game. It was so fun to be together  We meet them at In and Out for lunch and then off to the game.
Dane brought Ethan's Oakland A's shirt that he got when he was about 11 and it kinds fit Alex. I think this is a cute picture of Alex and Addison and Dayne and Drew.  Ethan, Ashley and Aaron, my darlins.
Ashley, Natalie and Dr. Nat and Ethan and Ashley

The game was fun but the A's got killed 9 to 1. Dane and I with our favorite girl.   It was a beautiful day.  I told everyone to look this way and as you can tell they are all excited about having their pictures taken, only Dane looked:) 
Aaron, Dr Nat and Ethan watched half the game then went down to Stanford.  Ethan had an appointment with the football coach.  They toured him all around and did a great job of impressing him.  He loved that they had Gatorade on tap for the football players.

The next day we all went into San Francisco and went to Alcatraz. 

The little boys had read several books about Al Capone so they were especially excited about getting to go.
We all had head sets with a self guided tour.  The little girls even enjoyed the tour.  Alex is so cute when he smiles but he usually likes to try and look cool at all times.
Ethan, Alex, Peyton, Kade, Drew and Kade and Ethan.  Wonder where Crewe is.

I love these little girls.  Addison is almost 9 and Dayne just turned 8.  They were always happy to dress alike and to let me take their picture.  When we got home we noticed on Danes phone he had voice memos from the girls.  Addison said that they she was so excited that Dayne is being baptized and always wants to remember the day.  Daynes first said "sometimes old people forget, no offense but we want you to remember this day too.  I am so excited to be baptized tomorrow and I love you Tiger."

I guess this will be the family picture of  2015.  Hope we won't end up in the big house.

The view from Alcatraz of San Francisco.  When it is quite you can hear the sounds of San Francisco.  I bet it was hard for the prisoners.

Our Darlins Alex 14, Tiger, Ethan 16, Kade 101/2, Crewe 111/2, Drew 12, Addison 81/2, Dayne 8, Peyton 9, Me
April 11, 2015 Dayne was baptized.  All of Palmers and all the Schofields were there and it was just so perfect.  Dayne looked like an angel.  I love her.

Ashley. Rich, Crewe and Dayne 4-12-15

Now time to party.  My favorite one said "I hate tacos said know Juan."  We had a taco truck feed us all and Ashley did all the trimmings with even Mexican sodas. 

Dane hired a mariachi band and even sang La Bamba with the band.  The little girls twilled and danced.  He also got a pinata and filled it with candy and money.  It was all so fun.

After the party the boys went to the Porsche dealership while we girls went and had pedicures and the kids hot tubed and played at the park.  It was a perfect day and we will remember this day even though we are old.
It was so fun to all be together.  We ate lots of good food, played games and stayed up late.  The kids played video games, watched shows, played at the park and were so happy.  All 16 of us stayed together so we had kids sleeping on the floor, on the couch and every bed.  I was the happiest Mom ever.  I'm so grateful for eternal families and I am so blessed.  Love this family.  Thanks for having us Palmers.

Early Sunday morning, 4 AM, we all got up and started our journey home.  This cute thing was our pilot.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mexico Traditon

For the last 7 years these two cuties go to Mexico for spring break, so why break the tradition.  Off to Rocky Point to Dawn and Wimps we go.
We love to play on the beach, from yoga to  at least twice a day a walk out on the flats to the waters edge. 
Dayne and Crewe are so happy and fun to be with.  The tide was out pretty far as you can see how far back the houses are.  The weather this year was warm and perfect. 

Crewe took Tiger out for a ride in the Rhino just after he finished his 3rd book.
Dayne spent most of her time out on the beach.  She did get to drive the Rhino because in Mexico if you have a Tiger you can drive.
The annual picture of Dayne and Dane.

Crewe was the official dog petter to Chase and Lexi, when they weren't trying to bite him.  Mama dog Camilla, Sam and Louie the Mexican dogs were frequent visitors.  They show up for dinner, spend the night, have a little breakfast, nap then take off to explore.  Mama dog certainly makes herself at home taking over the lounger.
Dayne and Crewe make my heart happy.  Dayne helped Uncle Wimp make ice cream and since they are both left handed they called it "left handed ice cream."

Cute, cute Ashley with the Dad.  Love these two a ton.

We ate shrimp and more shrimp. Wrecked at the Reef on the beach is always a favorite.  Crewe wears their hat but I am pretty sure he doesn't get the name.  
Mr. Fish Taco was even open where we had the best shrimp tacos for $1.50.  It isn't open very often and it is pretty dumpy with it's dirt floor and plastic table and chairs but so Mexico and a great deal.

The men's room.  Gross huh?

Audios Mexico.  Thanks for having us.  The Palmer's will be back next year and I'll be back in May to collect those sand dollars.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grandma goes to Boise

Ethan this good sport, had to work out of town and Natalie had to work and the kids had spring break.  What to do?  Call Grandma to come and entertain the kids.   I flew through SLC and got to see Aaron, Alex, Drew and Peyton (E had a football meeting and the Dr. had to go too) for dinner and arrived in Boise the night before Ethan needed to take off for Spokane to meet his boss and show him his excellent salesmanship.  But first things first a game of Uno.  I guess you could never guess who won.

Nat had to work the first day so the kids and I went to a trampoline place. They had all kinds of fun jumping, flipping into the foam pit and of course Addison did a million cartwheels. 
Day two Nat didn't have to work so we ate lunch out and then went to see the new movie Cinderella.  It was wonderful "Have courage and be brave."  Addi and I loved her dress and I love these two.  Such great kids!

We took brown dog Oscar for lots of walks and I called "not it" when it came time for the clean up part.

The plan was to go to the zoo but apparently it was lots of peoples plan as it was a zoo.  So instead we got our craft on and made Easter Bunny garland, walked some more and then we girls went and got manicures and pedicures.  Kade just said "no" to that so he played video games online and on the phone with Drew.  He was a happy boy.

In between eating at a lot of great places, watching movies, video game playing, shopping, a couple of trips to the best craft store ever and a fabric store Nat and I put together the new patio furniture.  It looks great and we found a perfectly matching rug.  Don and Nita brought a "Percy original straw art" piece to them when we came earlier in the month and they found a place for it on the patio.

This is actually a picture of the day after I left when Addison and Nat went running.  Addi girl is in a girls running club.  I am so proud of her she is doing great and getting faster and can run further each time she goes.  Ethan was back before we knew it and impressed his boss with many many many sales.    While he was gone his new bike arrived so he and I put together his bike, it is an adult bmx bike that he is thrilled with. hmmmm It was a fun 5 days, I got to have breakfast with my friend Sarah and catch up, the kids were great to be with,  Boise has lots of good eats and fun things to do.  So just call kids and I'll be right down.