Monday, September 1, 2014

Road Trippin

We are off to Cody to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and then take the Chief Joseph Highway thru the Beartooth Moutains to Red Lodge and then back to Billings.
Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming  We really enjoyed the Western Art Museum.  My favorite was this Remington Bronze of the cowboy on the horse and this James Bama original.  We also visited the Natural History Museum but after 2 hours we had to leave the Plains Indian Museum for next time.  Fantastic place to visit.

The museum has over 7,000 guns on display and we found the most important ones, the Smith and Wesson Schofield First and Second Models.  I had gun over load but it was pretty cool and the museum was huge, modern and very nice!

In addition to the 7,000 they have 1,500 + guns from the Smithsonian.  They displayed them in stand up sliding drawers.  We were impressed.

Who ever was in charge of clouds today did an outstanding job.  Just outside of Cody is the Chief Joseph's Hwy- Sunlite Basin which takes you up many 1000 feet on very curvy roads.
It is beautiful and always very windy at the top.  ie the do:)  Dane was in heaven taking the Boxster thru all it's paces while I was squeeling for him to slow down. 
After dropping down a couple thousand feet we climbed the Beartooth mountains a couple thousand feet where you are above the tree line and they have SNOW, and 42 degrees.  We had the hat down on the Porsche with the heat on 85 and the heated seats turned on.  We are so lucky to live here in Montana and get to experience all this beauty that has been created for us.  He sure out did himself with all of this.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Back to School

Boo Hoo school started.
  I have always hated when school starts.  I didn't like that the kids left me for the day.  It also meant that they were another year older and wiser.  I guess the wiser part is ok but I wished that we could freeze our kids and 
now I want to freeze these darlins.

Cute Schofield boys are off for the 1st day of school
Crewe and Dayne's first day of school was Crewe's 11th birthday, August 26th

Addison is off to the 3rd grade and Kade the 4th grade

Kade, our favorite 10 year old and Addison our favorite 8 year old.

Look how much these darlins have grown.  Drew is taller than Aunt Nanny, Alex is taller than me and Ethan is 6'4"

Ethan is a Sophomore at Lone Peak, Alex is an 8th grader, Peyton is in the 4th grade and Drew our favorite 6th grader.  Ernie the dog was sad when all of a sudden the boys were gone all day.

It wasn't easy for Natalie to send her kids off too.
Crewe is our new favorite 5th grader and Dayne our favorite 2nd grader.
Mama Ashley didn't like sending her darlins off either.
First off I love these Ethans!  We are so proud of "baby E" (how did he get so big) as we use to call him now we try to call him "Ethan the Younger".  He is playing varsity football for the Lone Peak Knights as a sophomore!!  Ethan says he is a beast.  He went to watch him play and he was pushing around a 6'7" 330 pounder.

He is a sweet beast.  I love that he let the darlins hang all over him.  Boo-hoo  Have a good school year darlins!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy 10th to the Birthday Boy Kade

You are our favorite 10 year old!

I love that you love Tiger

I love that you love me because I LOVE YOU!

You are such a nice boy, so happy and friendly, so smart and funny.  Happy Happy Birthday Kade!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Happy 11th Birthday Crewe

You are the coolest 5th grader that I know.
I love that you love Tiger

I love that you love me.

I love that you work hard, you are kind, smart, thoughtful, very cute and a all around great kid.  Happy Birthday Crewe Palmer we love you tons!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday Boys

These two birthdays are in August.  Crewe is 1 year and 2 days older than Kade.  It's always easy to remember that Kades birthday is the 28th of August because his Dads is the 26th, his Moms is the 27th and his is the 28th so that means Crewes is the 26th. Crewe is going to be 11 and will be our favorite 5th grader.  Kade will be our favorite 10 year old.  I love that these boys love each other and our friends.  They are great kids, they both love to read and are so fun to be around.  We love theses boys!  Happy Birthday boys!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Love these kids

"Crewe and Tiger members of the Rooster Hair Club"  We have had so much fun with the kids here.  We have played at Big Sky, white water rafted the Gallatin, saw the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat in West Yellowstone,
watched Old Faithful and the cool hot pots,
hiked the Lewis and Clark Caverns with no problems, ate many meal out, played games, petted the dogs, went to the zoo, shot the BB gun, played baseball,
went to the movies, swam, played with Kennedy,
shopped tell we dropped , got a baby sitter, went to the arcade, read books, painted bird houses, tried the bike again, petted the dogs again,
ate good eats, shopped some more,
enjoyed the fair, went kayaking at Lake Elmo, took the dogs for walks, played wizard 101, went to church,
just loved being together, went to work with Tiger, went to a Mustang game in the rain, met a 3rd cousin Noah, 
and slept in the tree house.

Crewe and Grandma sleeping in the tree house.  It was very fun. We slept on cots and had several blankets so it was very comfy.   We stayed up late reading our ipads and then watching a movie. A little warm when we went to sleep but it was 62 in the night and we slept great and we didn't wake up until 7 AM.

The next night Dayne and Ashley started the night out in the tree house since she was insisting that Dayne go to bed at 8 PM.  While she warmed up the blankets I was finishing up the church bag I was making her.

Baby girl and I tackled the tree house.  It was 80 degrees and we were trying to go to sleep with blankets so that the mosquitoes wouldn't eat us alive.  Crewe had many bites so we went to bed with peppermint on us, bug spray and vinegar in glasses.  We did a little better keeping the mosquitoes off us but at 9:30 I think Dayne finally fell asleep.  I woke up several times covering her up and then she was up at 3 am and then 6:30 AM.  Good thing this was the last night we could sleep out.
"Dad, you know I don't like chocolate cake."
Please come back soon.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kids Having Fun

Crewe and Dayne love to play with kids.  When Crewe was little one time we went by a day care and his comment was "there are kids in Montana."  We went to Lake Elmo with my friend Cortnee and her girls.  Crewe and Kennedy are friends and the same age.  Maybe that is why Crewe likes to go to church :)

We had 6 kayaks and a paddle board.  It was fun.  One of Cortnee's girls was in the water swimming and a 12in fish was coming toward us.  It scared her and she swam towards me and and tipped my kayak over.  Over I went with my phone around my neck.  I was worried that it fried my phone but I just had to replace the battery, so all was well.

Both the kids played on the paddle board and they liked it.  I don't think I could stand up on it but we will never know since I don't think I will ever try.

We had fun at the condo pool.  Dane likes to call it the trailer park pool because it is so old and kinda crumby, but it is wet.  Both times we went we were the only ones there, with pretty cold water. We tried to go to the Oasis water park but they were having mechincal problems and was closed. 
We had dinner with Noah Hollenback who would be Crewes 3rd cousin, I think.  Ashley and Amy Mathew Hollenback are 2nd cousins and their dads, Tiger and Mike Mathew who are 1st cousins.  The boys had fun and we played heads up on the iphone while we waited for our dinner.  Noah was in town visiting his grandpa Mike Mathew and all the relatives were having dinner.  Ashley and I got to sit with the kids which was way more fun.  Noah is 11 and going in to the 6th grade and Crewe is soon to be 11.  It was fun getting to know Noah.