Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh what a week!

Ethan is getting all kinds of tweets even with his Tiger.  I'm not sure where Cougar Nation got this picture but maybe from Danes Instagram. 
He had one of the BYU coaches come to school and pulled him out of class to chat with him.

I guess I am going to have to start loving football.  We are excited Cougar fans. 

I just love this cute family too.  They make me happy.  We have been watching this very funny TV show The Goldbergs which we all love.  The Mom is a little out of control and a Smother towards her sons.  Natalie thinks I am the Mom- Smother.  Maybe I am a little I think Ethan is pretty great.  Ha
Brown dog aka Oscar is the now the King of dogs now that he is the only.  Ethan claims that he loves Nat and just thinks he is ok, could of fooled me.  He is a lover.
Now I think that is a little dangerous using Finnley as a pillow.  I don't think I would do that with my man.
It started to snow Christmas eve and we still have all the snow.  It has been cold too.  I think I need to go south.
Cute 21/2 year old  Ben Prince brought our niece Krissy and Jeff to visit for the weekend.  It fun having them.
WOW We have a budding artist!  Dayne is taking art lessons and this is her first painting.  She goes to a ladies home for lesson along with a few other kids.  She had her look thru books to get her inspiration.  Monet must of spoken to her.  I am really impressed.  I love the perspective, depth and colors.  I think she is good.  Tiger called her and asked if he could buy her painting.  She would be able to have another month of lessons and a few dollars for her self.  The next day she told her Mom that she needed some time to herself to think about selling her painting.  She just wants to "create" and not have to worry about selling her work.  Ha

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fun and A New Year

Dayne just loved the snow and it was hard to keep her inside.  I love her enthusiasm!

 The kids both love to read so we made a trip to the library to check it out and some books.  Crewe is loving mythology and is reading huge books.  Dayne is a super reader also, they are just like their Mom.
New Years Eve we went to the Alberta Bair and saw a Beatles cover band.  They were so good!  Most of the crowd was old but we all enjoyed the evening and like I have said many times.  "Old people shouldn't dance."

It was freezing most of the two weeks that Ashley and family were here.  She is such a California girl now and was frozen most of the time.  Finnley is such a good dog and let Dayne put her ear muffs on him and he didn't even bite her.

Lots of games were played and movies watched.  Tiger and Crewe had a Harry Potter marathon.  Tiger paid CP $20 to be his Harry Potter translator to keep him understanding, Dayne was Crewe's assistant so she got $5.

New Years day we had Danes assistant and kids over for dinner.  The chocolate fountain was the biggest hit.
Happy New Year!  My first project on my new Silhouette cutter.   "Cheers"
The pups have loved all of the attention and are now demanding lots of pets even though the official petters have gone back to California.

Ashley girl isn't drinking pop but I was happy to have a Coke with Ashley.  I had been saving that pop for at least a month so I could share it with her.

We have just loved having the Palmers for Christmas.  I love that they get to stay for 2 weeks the only problem is when they leave us.  The house is way to quiet, the dogs are demanding, and Dane and I are sad.  Come back soon!

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's SNOW fun

It has snowed and snowed

and has been freezing cold and today is the first day that we have got to play outside.

Finnley was so excited when he figured out that the nose and eyes on this dog was Jr Mints.

He ate them right off without hurting the snow dogs.

It was fun playing in the snow.  We have had such a fun time having Ashley and the kids here.  Rich went back to CA to work and they got to stay.  We hate it when they leave, the dogs miss their personal petters and we miss the happy sounds.  Come back soon.  Love you tons.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Ethan and Me

Happy Happy 35th Birthday Ethan.  You are the best Birthday present ever!  Love you tons, you make me so happy.  You are the best Dad, son a good husband, a hard worker and dog lover.

It's my Birthday too and so fun to spend it with Crewe and Dayne too.

A bowling we will go.

It was very fun and I was winning until the very last frame.  I think Rich forgot it was my Birthday.
It's not so bad to have a Birthday the day after Christmas.  Happy Birthday to me.  Yup, I'm 63 this year.
I guess when you put a moustache on you can't smile.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

#Share the Gift is a sweet video of the real meaning of Christmas

We can have Christmas now that Ashley, Richard, and the dog petters Crewe and Dayne have arrived.

The Christmas office party of 2014  Dane made Peterson and Schofield shirts for his two employees out of a couple of his old t-shirts.  He is pretty dang funny.  Dinner was delish at Cio Mambo.
Scheels was a hit with the virtual soccer and the two goobers wondering "which way did they go."
Ash and the brave kids rode the ferris wheel while we did some last minute shopping.

Christmas eve with friend Delaine Becker, Grandparents, scripture reading, good food, the traditional Night Before Christmas reading and pass around gifts then off to bed to wait for Santa.
Christmas Eve day started out perfect with breakfast at Harper and Madison, and a dog walk for the pups.
Christmas eve day it was 40 and sunny.  About 10 pm it started to snow and when we woke up in the morning we had beautiful snow.  Crewe and Dayne were so excited.  I can't remember it ever being like that, it was a Christmas miracle.  Dayne just couldn't help herself she had to go out in snow even in her pj's and 3 degrees.
Merry Christmas and Santa arrived.  Santa brought a white Siberian tiger for Dayne and the new Skylander game for Crewe.
My favorite gift were these beautiful orange earrings.  Ashley and Rich got Dayne private art lessons and Crewe a tether-ball which both of the kids were so excited!! 
After an early morning and a great day both Dane and Finnley needed naps.

To add to the Christmas fun we went sledding
Crewe the crazy man

Dayne was a wild one sledding

The kids just love the snow.  What a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's beginning to look Alot Like Christmas

I put the tree up right after Thanksgiving and i just love it.  In the past we have blamed Stella for stealing picks off the tree and chewing them up.  We caught Finnley chewing on one of the picks and I think it was him all along.
I love Christmas
Once again Billings Junior Women's Club sponsored a tree for the Festival of Trees, which I was in charge of.   Our theme this year was "A Charlie Brown's Christmas."  We made lots of picture sugar balls, had 79 books and 21 stuffed characters.  Our tree brought in  $1050.00. 

My friends and I had a ornament exchange and breakfast at my house.  It's always fun to get together.  We all missed our friend Jeannie while she is on a mission so we made her ornaments too.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just What I Needed A Quick trip to CA

It was so fun to jump on the plane the day after Thanksgiving and go see these darlins.  The kids didn't know that I was coming so it was such a fun surprise.  I flew into SFO so after they picked me up we went downtown to see the lighting of the Macy's tree at Union Square.  Thousands of people were downtown and was so crowded.  There are was a demonstration going on downtown and we were trying to stay far away.  We hustled into the store so the kids couldn't see the masked people marching and the rock throwing.  It was a little scary but we were safe and the lights were beautiful.

We girls  had some pampering with manicures.  Dayne had 2 colors of turquoise put on her nails.
I just love these two.  Crewe is such a nice boy and is getting taller every time I see him. 

 Off to church with Richard, Dayne, Ashley and Crewe

While Ash and I were shopping we had a lady ask if we were twins.  Then at church one of the ladies asked if I was her sister.  Well I am very flattered that these ladies think I look like pretty pretty Ashley.
We went to see the Christmas lights at the Oakland Temple.  They were beautiful and the visitors center was very nice.  I think we should go back.

We had wonderful weather while I was visiting.  It hasn't rained in months in California so when it started to rain that was all people talked about and boy did it rain.

I was pretty impressed with this squirrel tail.  He looks pretty well feed and just might need some kind of back support to carry that tail around.  Now Dane would say "he's good eatin,"  like he would know.  It was so fun to be with this little family.  We shopped, ate good food, decorated the Christmas tree and hung out.  All just what I needed, thanks for having me!