Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life is still good

Cute Alex who just turned 14 just got his braces off.  What a great smile!
Oh Brown dog.
Brown dog aka Oscar is the luckiest dog ever.  He is so happy to have all the attention.
 Love that Kade boy too!
Our favorite place "Harper and Madison" seems to be this dogs hangout also.

Dayne's horse picture that she painted this week in her art class.  I think she is really good. I love the different colors of grey, brown and blues and the depths of the shore and the horse and water.  My sister says it is so "expressive!"
 Love that Baby Dayne
 Love this Birthday girl.  She is everything and more.  Can't believe she is 38, where has the time gone.  I love that she loves to read, she loves music, is a great Mom, wife and daughter.  She is my best friend and favorite girl. 
 A very foggy February Temple morning.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa

Let's get this party started. Grandpa do you have any words of wisdom for your family? " No, my ear Dr. asked me the same thing.  It's a secret"  Grandpa do you have a bucket list?  Anything you still want to do? "Nope, I'm not George Bush, I don't want to jump out of an airplane."  Me neither Grandpa.

When Grandpa was 18 he enlisted in the Army and spent many days on a troop ship to the Philippines to fight in WWII for 3 years.  His division of 150 beach headed the island of Cebu.  They were the forth wave and he talks about how they got out of the ship in 5 feet of water carrying a backpack and part of the motor and as he got to the beach he saw many men laying on the beach.  He wondered why they weren't getting up.  After the Americans took that island they were planning on going to Japan.  Fortunately when the got to Japan the was was over and Grandpa helped rescue the POWs.  When it was all said and done he was 1 of 7 from his group of 150 returned home.  Thank you for your service and thank you Heavenly Father for letting him be our Grandpa.

The birthday celebration continues in San DiegoGrandpa what is the best invention that you have seen in your 90 years?  "The telephone."  Grandpa the telephone was before your time.  "Yes but not the cell phone.  All these people can be on the phone at the same time and nobody runs into each other.  When I was a kid we had a party line and we had to take turns using the phone.  My number was 3336j."
Grandpa LOVES donuts, especially the huge "Escandonut" dogs and Grandma.  Maybe his secret is eat lots of donuts and you will live long and prosper.

Peterson Donut might be Don and Nita's happy place but mine is the beach.  It is beautiful perfect weather!
Dane got a wild hair to go to Ensanada so the party continues in Mexico.  It was a beautiful hour drive south of Sand Diego on highway 1 along the coast.  Spent the night in a very nice hotel over looking the harbor.
Ensanada was very clean and green.  We stayed in a very nice hotel and enjoyed some great shrimp tacos.  The next day we headed back to San Diego through Tijuana.  Tijuana is huge with about 1 million people everywhere.  We tried to find the Temple but didn't have any luck.  We sat at the boarder waiting for an hour.   Several people were selling all kinds of junk, blankets, wooded stools, statues of Jesus. Lots of people crossing the boarder and for a good reason.

 Sunset on the Coronado Beach
one without people

We stayed at the Del Cornado and while Don and Nita hung out Dane and I rented bikes and rode all over the island.  It was perfect weather and so fun. 
Life is good

 San Diego is all of our favorite place, especially Coronado.  We ate lots of great Mexican food, walked on the beach, enjoyed the warm weather, shopped a little and ate some more.  Grandpa want to come back in 2 years to celebrate Grandma's 90 birthday? "OK let's do it."

Right on this beach Dane asked me to marry him 42 years ago and I still love him and love to come here.

We have watched many a wave right from this bench

Don and Nita like the Imperial Beach pier

Love you Darlin, you are the best! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh what a week!

Ethan is getting all kinds of tweets even with his Tiger.  I'm not sure where Cougar Nation got this picture but maybe from Danes Instagram. 
He had one of the BYU coaches come to school and pulled him out of class to chat with him.

I guess I am going to have to start loving football.  We are excited Cougar fans. 

I just love this cute family too.  They make me happy.  We have been watching this very funny TV show The Goldbergs which we all love.  The Mom is a little out of control and a Smother towards her sons.  Natalie thinks I am the Mom- Smother.  Maybe I am a little I think Ethan is pretty great.  Ha
Brown dog aka Oscar is the now the King of dogs now that he is the only.  Ethan claims that he loves Nat and just thinks he is ok, could of fooled me.  He is a lover.
Now I think that is a little dangerous using Finnley as a pillow.  I don't think I would do that with my man.
It started to snow Christmas eve and we still have all the snow.  It has been cold too.  I think I need to go south.
Cute 21/2 year old  Ben Prince brought our niece Krissy and Jeff to visit for the weekend.  It fun having them.
WOW We have a budding artist!  Dayne is taking art lessons and this is her first painting.  She goes to a ladies home for lesson along with a few other kids.  She had her look thru books to get her inspiration.  Monet must of spoken to her.  I am really impressed.  I love the perspective, depth and colors.  I think she is good.  Tiger called her and asked if he could buy her painting.  She would be able to have another month of lessons and a few dollars for her self.  The next day she told her Mom that she needed some time to herself to think about selling her painting.  She just wants to "create" and not have to worry about selling her work.  Ha

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas 2014 Letter

Dane ended up spending about $300 in Subway gift cards- social science experment- failed! 
I guess I am going to have to write next years Christmas letter.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fun and A New Year

Dayne just loved the snow and it was hard to keep her inside.  I love her enthusiasm!

 The kids both love to read so we made a trip to the library to check it out and some books.  Crewe is loving mythology and is reading huge books.  Dayne is a super reader also, they are just like their Mom.
New Years Eve we went to the Alberta Bair and saw a Beatles cover band.  They were so good!  Most of the crowd was old but we all enjoyed the evening and like I have said many times.  "Old people shouldn't dance."

It was freezing most of the two weeks that Ashley and family were here.  She is such a California girl now and was frozen most of the time.  Finnley is such a good dog and let Dayne put her ear muffs on him and he didn't even bite her.

Lots of games were played and movies watched.  Tiger and Crewe had a Harry Potter marathon.  Tiger paid CP $20 to be his Harry Potter translator to keep him understanding, Dayne was Crewe's assistant so she got $5.

New Years day we had Danes assistant and kids over for dinner.  The chocolate fountain was the biggest hit.
Happy New Year!  My first project on my new Silhouette cutter.   "Cheers"
The pups have loved all of the attention and are now demanding lots of pets even though the official petters have gone back to California.

Ashley girl isn't drinking pop but I was happy to have a Coke with Ashley.  I had been saving that pop for at least a month so I could share it with her.

We have just loved having the Palmers for Christmas.  I love that they get to stay for 2 weeks the only problem is when they leave us.  The house is way to quiet, the dogs are demanding, and Dane and I are sad.  Come back soon!

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's SNOW fun

It has snowed and snowed

and has been freezing cold and today is the first day that we have got to play outside.

Finnley was so excited when he figured out that the nose and eyes on this dog was Jr Mints.

He ate them right off without hurting the snow dogs.

It was fun playing in the snow.  We have had such a fun time having Ashley and the kids here.  Rich went back to CA to work and they got to stay.  We hate it when they leave, the dogs miss their personal petters and we miss the happy sounds.  Come back soon.  Love you tons.