Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh Crap winter is back.

We new it couldn't be long before winter arrived.  We had a beautiful long fall but it came to an abrupt halt November 11, 2014 and today it was below zero when we got up.  I'm not sure I am up for this yet.
The pups still wanted to go out.  We are good dog parents.
We had a new client today, she kept pecking at the door like let me in

She was a little cold.  I was a little concerned that she would try and cross 6th ave N. and become turkey panini.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boise Take Three

Dane and I were at the Church Halloween Trunk or Treat and Dane announced that we needed to go to Boise to help Ethan and Natalie move into their house.  The loan was finally closing and they were finally getting out of the hotel.  Ethan thinks he can move it all himself.  So we jumped up at 5AM and hoped in the Porsche and away we went.  We talked to them several times during the drive but didn't tell them we were coming. We found out where their storage unit was and talked our way in and drove up.  Ethan looked at us kinda funny and then it registered with them both that we were really their and started to cry.  The Cavalry had showed up, a carvery of 2 old people but we were ready to help.  They were grateful!!!  It was fun to surprise them.
Tired Tiger!  He stunned himself when he walked into the trucks door and hit and cut his head good.  Ethan bandaged him up and he looked like he was in the civil war but they got it done.
While Dane and Ethan went back and forth to the storage unit Nat and I took the kids over to Addi's friends to trick or treat.  Hundred's of kids, tons of candy and it was fun.
While Dane and Ethan loaded and unloaded I put things away and built beds.  It was a ton of work but it was good to be their and helping.  I'm not sure how Ethan and Nat would of gotten the washer/dryer up the stairs. 

I put Adds bed together all by myself and had Kade and Addi help put the top mattress on.  We struggled and pulled but we got it.  Kade kept petting my arm and saying "Grandma you are so strong." :)  We left them with lots to do but they have a very nice roof over their heads, food and places to sleep.  The unpacking is coming along and they all seem to be happy.  Ethan is loving his job, the kids are making friends and Natalie is making their cute house a home.  So back to MT we go.  Great roads for the 3rd of November no snow :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boise Take Two

Ashley, Rich and kids and Dane and I flew into Boise for a fun weekend and for the boys to go to the BYU Boise State game.  We were hoping that the kids would be in their home but they are now residents of the Country Home and Suites.  The Cougars are having a rough time on the field but we had a great weekend.  The kids were so happy to be together.
Addison and Dayne were so happy to be together and had so much fun.  Tyson the dog was such a good sport to let them wrap him up and play house with him. 

The kids swam every day at the pool and even rode scooters in the hall between rooms.

Kade and Crewe slept in our room with us.  They are reading the same book, playing the same games.  I love how they get along and can pick right up being friends.  Boise was a wonderful downtown and farmers market.  Also it is fun to have the little girls dress alike when I am with them.  They are the sweetest little things and I love them!

Boise also has a very nice outdoor shopping area with lots of good places to eat and shop and the nicest movie theater with a fun arcade that the little boys loved.    
Love these Darlins!
The king of the zoo.  Isn't he handsome with his pretty lady.

Boise has a great zoo.  It was Boo at the Zoo so lots of kids in costumes and free candy.  The kids thought it was fun to be in the ground hogs home.  Oh and Dr Nat Addison and Dayne need your help with their bites. 
Fun to be with these pretty girls.

A beautiful fall day at the zoo and just fun to be together. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Springville to Boise

With Ethan's new job as a Cleveland Golf Rep the Ethan and Natalie Schofield family are moving to Boise Idaho.  Natalie left a few days earlier as she was transferring with Costco and had to work.  Ethan, Dane and several of Ethan's buddies helped them load up the 2 U-hauls and said good bye to their first cute house, the one they brought their babies home to, and the neighborhood they loved.  After watching the 1st session of Sunday conference Dane took off and the kids and I had to take Ethan back to the house as he was leaving the next day.  We were behind Dane about an hour but caught him quickly as he was only going 60 mph at top speed and we had Ethan's nice car that just cruised right along.  The kids watched movies and read, an easy drive and we got to Boise in 5 1/2 hours.   
The cute new house in Meredian which is a part of Boise,  but not yet as they are waiting on the loan so their home is the Country Inn and Suite boooooo

We loved Boise, great places to eat, the beautiful Temple and fun downtown.  I think they are going to love living here and we are going to love visiting.

Cute Natalie, swimming babies and their co pilot Tyson

After being with the kids for a week it was really hard to tell them good bye.  Kade and Addison are signed up for school and will start in a few days.  We will be back soon.
 Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Utah Fun and Football

Some of our favorite things...  A morning walk with cute Peyton and Ernie the wonder dog, A BYU volley ball game, Ritas's custard and flavored ice and kids!

It was so fun to watch # 72 play football!  His team tied up the game and in double overtime and they won! 
Ethan our favorite football player with his fans.  He is getting so tall, I think this week he is 6'5" 240 lbs.  He plays every down on offensive as left guard and is good. 

Alex 's football team had a bye for the weekend, which he is the QB.  His real love is basketball and on his wall he has this contract.  I love that he says he will "always try his best."  He is  such a great kid!
Oh no, 11 year old Drew is now taller than me.  He is in the 6th grade and this week he is 5' 7"
Addi and I love to have the Dr. Nat play the piano for us, she is very good.

While Dane was helping Ethan get all of his possessions in the U-haul we went to watch Peyton # 81 and his team dominate some other less worthy Mormon youths.
Kade and Addison are always so happy and fun to be with. I just love all these Darlins.  FYI Aaron is on his trip climbing Mt Kilimanjaro so we didn't get to see him.

But mostly the cousins love to be together and Ernie the Dog  thinks he is part of the gang.

Friday, September 26, 2014

E the Younger # 72

 Uncle is one of Ethan's best supporters.
 He is always so good to greet his fan club, Drew, Kade, Peyton Addi.

The fan club always comes early
We got to watch one of his games that was streamed on the computer.  I think I took a screen shot every time I saw # 72.

   He plays offensive left guard.  # 72 6'5" 240 pounds.Was the MVP at the BYU football camp this summer.  He has been given football tickets to the BYU game and the Utah game as a recruit.  He is smart, kind and a great kid!  We are all so proud of him.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stop over in Toyko

After a 6 hour flight to Tokyo and a train ride through the country

they went to an Emperors Shrine, paid their respects
walked through the gardens

saw two wedding parties

then on to the Shibro intersection kinda like times square in New York
Saw cute dogs and like all good trips they end at the Hard Rock for diet cokes with ice and burgers.  After8 hours a shower at the airport back onto the plane for a long flight back to the US and after 12 hours home to Billings.