Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Cards 2017

Christmas 2017

We started the month off with the Festival of Trees and the Tea in the Trees.  My friend and I decorated our tree for the Billings Junior Women's club which brought in $1400 for the Family Tree.  We were happy.  The Tea with the fashion show was wonderful again.  I really like doing both of these.

The next weekend Dane sang in the community "Messiah." and the next I went to the "Nutcracker."  It was fun!  My friend and I also went to the "holiday tour of homes" that benefit the performing arts here in Billings. I had my annual friends lunch which is always fun at the house and everyone trades gifts.   I love doing something Christmas every week, it reminds me to enjoy the season.  

Our snow that we had in November all melted and it started to snow the 19th of December. I thought we were going to have just a little snow but it fooled us.
The 2017 Christmas tree with vines from my back yard.

And the next day it snowed more.

First stop when these Darlins come to town is pizza at "Godfathers."

We went to see the new Star WarsJumanji, and the Greatest Showman movies while the kids were here along with seeing as many Christmas lights as possible.

Coloring, listening to music, reading, watching TV shows and hanging out was on the list of things to do.

Christmas Eve in our matching pj's.

We girls in our matching fox jammies.

The boys really liked their soft matching jammies too.

I made this cute quilt for Grandma

Crewe was so excited that his parents got him tickets for the  "Maroon Five" concert but it won't be until May.  He loves that group!

Dayne was pleased with all of her gifts and this "Golden State Worriers" shirt, she really liked.

We had many delicious meals. 
We got to take the kids to our gym too.  Dayne swam and CP did all the machines with us.  He hardly broke a sweat on that damn stair climber, oh to be young.

Tiger showed Crewe the ways in baking almost every day.  Lots of good eats!
And it just kept snowing

and snowing!

Crewe was such a good helper shoveling.  He did learn the ways of the snow blower and I think he liked it in spite of the cold.

Needless to say it was cold.  We had lots of snow but still couldn't go sledding.
Happy Birthday to me.
The annual birthday bowling!  I'm not very good but it still is lots of fun.
Happy Birthday to my best birthday gift ever.
The Birthday boy is 38!  He Kade and Oscar the dog celebrated by playing video games.

Even in the cold Dayne went out to play...for a short while.

Only hot chocolate can get you warm after being outside.

We played the funniest game.  You have to try and say phrases with these mouth pieces.

Tiger wouldn't play but we sure had fun playing

I laughed so hard that I had tears and I would drool.  Gosh it was funny.

New Year's Eve I had all kinds of "Minute it to Win It" Games.  We even got Grandma to play. this one you had to suck up the M&M's and make a clock.

Test to see how good you are with chop sticks and picking up marshmallows.

Ashley and Dayne seeing how many ping pong balls they could shake out.  It was pretty funny to watch.

Grandma being a cheater dog with trying to get the cookie in her mouth.  No hands Grandma remember?

Crewe and Dayne trying to see how big they can get their unicorn to be.

Dayne just loves Stella.  Now that she is the only dog she is demanding more attention.

Elder Ethan got to Facetime with the family from Indonesian Christmas Eve.  He looks so good and he is so happy.
Happy family getting to chat with the missionary.
Aaron and Nat went to Florida right before Christmas for his work Christmas party and they got to go to Disney world- lucky dogs.

It was a great Christmas!  Another great one in the books.  Ashley and her kids love to come to Montana and unwind, and relax.  We love having them too.   We had all kinds of fun but we were all sad when the weather and roads didn't cooperate to let Aaron and his family come to Montana.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fall Darlins

 A day in the life of Dayne the 5th grader.  She loves Harry Pottery and has read all the books twice.

 Crewe Palmer is the coolest 8th grader I know and he is cute.

Our first snow of the year  November 15th
Addison got braces November 20th, and contacts a month before, she is still darling!

Dayne playing in the snow on the way to Thanksgiving in Boise.  Notice she is wearing flip flops and shorts, crazy girl it's winter.

The girls loved being together

Kade and Crewe were party animals.
 Turkey Trotters.  Ashley, Rich and the kids drove to Boise for Thanksgiving.  They all loved being together and had all kinds of fun, played lots of games, and ate like kings.  Ashley reported that Ethan and Natalie are the best host and hostess.

We had our friends Chad and Delaine over for Thanksgiving prime rib which Chad cooked.  It was delicious!  Grandma celebrated with us too.

Pretty Stella wrapped up in the cute quilt that Natalie made and I quilted and finished of for her.

Cool handsome Alex before his hot date to Preference

Alex and his cute girl friend

Halloween Ninja Alex

Halloween Clark Kent and Hippie Addison ( Crewe was Clark Kent too)

Not sure what Peyton was for Halloween but Drew was a blind ref and Ernie the dog was a dog.