Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ca Summer visitors

We wait all summer for the California kids to come to Montana for their visit.  Even though they get to stay for 2 weeks it always seems like it zips by and it is never long enough.
Dayne just loves these pups and was so happy to see them.  When she leaves the dogs miss all of the attention.
We went to the Metra to see the comedian Jim Gaffagin to get the fun started.  He was soooo funny.  It was fun to laugh and laugh.  We all enjoyed it!  CP said that he laughed so hard his stomach hurts.
First things first, a hair cut and do for Dayne.  Some how she talked me into taking her to Clairs.  That store and little girls, they just love it with all the jewelry and crap.
We love to stop in Livingston at Marks In and Out drive-in for the pork chops sandwiches and shakes.  I think we take this picture every year.
I just love these pictures of these 3 cuties.  We eat across the street at the park too.
We went to the Bozeman Dinosaur Museum, these were all found in Montana.  It has been years since we were last there and it was pretty cool.
Beautiful Big Sky.  
We spent the night in Big Sky and the next day went to Yellowstone Park.

We ate dinner at this great place alongside the road, Gallitan Valley Grill.  It was beautiful and the BBQ was outstanding.
Cute, Cute
The highlight of the park trip was the Fire Hole.  It used to be kind of a secret but not anymore, tons of people.  The river is feed by some of the warm geysers so it isn't cold.  It was very fun, we all swam and Cp went up the river and got down the river very fast with only 2 fly strokes.  The kids really liked all of it.
We took the big loop around Old Faithful and saw several geysers erupt.
Lots of people in the park but none as cute as this family.  We didn't drive around a lot and we only saw one lonely buffalo.  We usually see tons.

I Tom Sawyered the kids.  Really they were happy to help and are good little workers.  Crewe rode the riding mower several times but I think he really liked using the power washer.  We cleaned and painted the patio.  Dayne blew leaves and got to play with the power washer some too.
We got in a little swimming.  I took Dane to Oasis swim park while Dane and CP went to the movies.  We did get to Rose park but some kid pooped in the pool so that cut that swim time short.
It's always fun to go to lunch where they put on a show for you and you get to catch your food. 
We have had a hot summer but just perfect for movies outside.  The mosquitoes like the kids sweet California blood.  I didn't think we had any.

We got to go to the Temple and do a few family names.  
He's a good boy he found the name all by himself.

My very favorite thing we do with the kids is sleep in the tree house.  They like it too and would like to sleep out more but I have to have at least one night in between in my own bed. I think I slept outside 4 nights, twice with each of the kids.  We have lots of covers, a cots with foam pads, good pillows, internet and we like it.  One night we had a little sprinkle but we just popped up the huge golf umbrellas and all was well. 

Photo shoot on the Rims.  
I hate when these kids leave us.  It's always so fun to have them come and it seems like the time just flies bye.  We played hard, they wound down from their swim season, we enjoyed each other, we had lots of good eats, shopped, saw movies, and loved having them.

Monday, July 24, 2017

California Swimmers

My Darlin Dayne
My boy Crewe

One of my favorite things that I look forward to is going to watch the kids at a swim meet.  I just love it, the excitement, the sun, the kids just everything about it.  Ashley is the team manager again this year and CP was one of the Jr Coaches.

Crewe is fast and did awesome and finished first in the fly.  I had a hard time getting pictures but he was great.  His relay teams finished first too.  I am typing this 2 months later and now I can't remember all the details; but I know he is the fastest butterflier and he won at Champs too.  He had a great season.

Dayne has lots of girls in her age group but she is getting faster each year.  She is awesome.

Every summer the  swim team goes to Great America and I got to go too.  Dayne rode every ride and the next day her neck was a little sore from being whipped around.  She has no fear.
Dayne loved this upside down roller coaster the best.

Crewe rode several rides but none that went upside down.  He took off with his swim buddies and we hardly saw him.  We rode lots of things but Ash and I have feathers.

It was great to be with this fun family.  It was a fast few days of swim practice, swim meet, good eats, a little shopping, games, kayaking at the river, a movie and late nights.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Seattle, Spokane Porsche Parade

We decided to go to Seattle before we meet Ethan and Natalie in Spokane for the Porsche show.  Elder Ethan is in Seattle waiting for his visa for Indonesia and we were hoping that we would get to take him to dinner but his mission President didn't think it was a good idea.  His mission President,  President Schofield is a guy that Dane went to law school with, small world.
We love Green Lake.  As we walked around the Lake we found the shrimp shake that Dane first tried shrimp 44 years ago and its still opened.  
Mt Rainer just pops up every now and then.
Pikes Market is a must stop.  Lots of good eats and a beautiful day.  Funky looking grapes that I haven't ever seen.
We had dinner with my step brother Rene.  He's an interesting fella with lots of opinions.  He owns a barber shop and chats all day.  We also got to see our good friend Roma Farnsworth.  She just bought a cool new house on a lake.  It's hard to believe that Harold has been gone 5 years.  We miss him too but Roma is happy and doing great.
We got to go to a Seattle Mariners game.  I love baseball so it was really fun and we had great seats.  
Then we drove to Spokane and meet up with Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison.
While Ethan was working we were bikers.  We rented bikes, helmets and lights and rode through the tunnels on the Hiawatha bike trails.  We went through another shorter tunnel and then on the way back after the shuttle ride we rode back through the same beginning tunnel.
Right as you start you go through a 1/2 mile cold tunnel.  It was about 85 degrees outside but inside the tunnel it was about 55 and dark.

We rode for 17 miles through the most beautiful country with the tallest pine trees I have ever seen.
It was really fun and we all did great as the ride was slightly downhill.  I really like these kids.  Kade and Addison are delightful.
The Hiawatha bike trail is right on the Montana Idaho boarder. It was about 2 + hours from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. 
  I would do it again!
We love going to the Porsche Parade.  I think I found my new car.  The Porsche grey white Boxter.  I think I would put different wheels on the car but boy was it nice.  The black 1989 959 was worth 1 million dollars.This too was really fun.

We played lots of games, ate good food, and shopped.  I love this little family and we sure enjoy them.

Golfed at Circling Raven which was so beautiful.  Green fees were steep but Ethan the Cleveland Sxrion rep got us on for free.  I golfed terrible but it sure was pretty.

Monday, May 29, 2017

E Mission farewell

It was so great to be with these two granddaughters of mice.  I just love these Darlins.  Addison 11 and Dayne 10 get along so great.
We had so much fun being together.  We of course played Tiger says and the annual bowling.

Kade, Drew and Aaron put on an air show for us, which I love.

The kids loved Jump Time, making slime and just being together.  I loved that they all got to be together to celebrate Ethan leaving on his mission.

We went to a Top Golf once Ethan got to Utah.  He was working in Washington and missed most of the weekend.  Top Golf was so fun.
Grandma Nita flew down and spent time with Krissy and Bonnie and they all came to E's farewell.

It was really hard to tell E good bye for all of us.  Lots of tears, but we are so happy that he is going to Indonesia on his mission.  He did a wonderful job on his talk with half of Lone Peak High School at Church. He talked about his prayers being answered.  It just touched my heart, he is such a great kid.  Their ward Young Women and Young Men, 100 kids sang the Primary song, A Childs Prayer, it was sooo good.  We were all impressed!   After Church we probably had 150 kids come for dinner plus all the family.  It was so cool.
Before Ashley, Rich and the kids flew out we went to Temple Square.  Crewe and Dayne had never been and they loved it.  Next time they can spend more time.
We just love this boy and the great kid that he is.  Ethan is such a good big brother and example.  He is ready to be a missionary.  Uncle Ethan went with them to take him to the MTC.  They have such a close great relationship.  I think the only person that didn't cry when they said good bye was E the missionary.

It was very fun being in Utah and that Ernie dog is such a great dog.

We went through Yellowstone Park on our way home and ate at our favorite in Livingston, Montana.  Now this is a great cruising hair style.

Grandma Nita with 14 of her great grands.  The kids were so cute altogether.