Monday, February 2, 2009

Basement Work Day 2

5 canned lights.....done
4 outlets....done
Moved water pipes....check
install insulation...check
hang sheet rock on the ceiling... done
I tell you these guys get after it
Here at 8 and work until 5
last builder most days arrived about 9 or 10 and worked until 2 or 3once 4


Amy said...

Does Abe travel to UT? We have about 1000 sq. ft I would love for him to tackle! How nice that they are working so fast and so well! The illegals we hired to do our upstairs could have learned a thing or two from these guys!

*ethan* said...

sweet. i see you did not re-hire the guy that brought his girlfriend to the job??

ashley said...

way to go Abe. it looks good. thanks for taking pictures along the way.

Joan said...

Where is this located Jody? Do you have 4 levels in your house? Oh, I do love my own space. I spend waaay to much time in my little corner of the world. I have my TV, computer, sewing machine, scrapbook cabinets, phone, floral supplies etc. I come out when I need to eat.