Thursday, February 5, 2009


Several years ago in RS they were talking about darning socks of all things and I made the comment that how I darn socks is to throw them out and that I have spent more on a bad lunch than a pair of socks. A few days later some friends told me that my now nemesis was in the audience when I made my bad lunch comment and that I am a "spend thrift". Me? :)))Little did she know that my friends would tell me. Now the phrase "spend thrift" has come up a time or two.
So ever since she has been on my list.
So for you Florence Wagstaff I still wouldn't buy this.
Seriously would any body?
I wounder if this lady on Etsy has sold anything.

Just ask and the "spend thrift" will buy them for you
I think this is funny.


{natalie} said...


Anonymous said...

Is that a frisbee?

ethan said...

hey i was going to say please say that is a frisbee.... you're stilling my jokes!

ps gross

pss i now know what you are getting for mothers day