Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Perfect Family Vacation

Cruising in the Caribbean is the way to go for a family vacation with 8 adults and 8 kids under the age of 9. It was everything and more of what we wanted.
We had a "fun day" at sea where we swam...
Ethan and Addison
Rich and Dayne
Ate like kings , played and explored the ship.
Crewe and Drew
the cousins loved being togetherAddison, Kade, DayneKade, Ethan and Alex
They had a great kids club that entertained the kids in the evening. Fun things like a Blue Clues party for the little ones, scavenger hunt and pirates take over for the big kids, juggling show, movies, games, treats, face painting, stories and more.
Dayne turned 2 on the first day of the cruise
although she insisted that she was still 1.
Stop One Roatan, Honduras
Aaron, Ethan, Nat dove while the rest of us went
an explored the 36 by 14 mile island

We went to a monkey reserve which we all loved.
The monkey were very friendly
Rich and guess which is Alex
hungry for the pretzels we brought with us
and curious,
even when we really didn't want them to be
To the beach and a resort to play in their pools
It was so fun!
Coordinating outfits for the kids made it a perfect way
to keep track of them all at one time.
Grandma taking a break with the kids
E and Alex tried out the rock climbing wall on the ship.
Spider man Uncle was "the man" on the wall.
Thanks darlin!
Pretty Girls and Handsome Boys
here is Aaron
Stop Two
Dane, Ethan, Rich and I dove. A good dive but Belize was dumpy and not really what I had hoped for.
The rest between the 2 dives was an Island that looked like paradise
with the turquoise water and about 15 palm trees, upon closer look dumpy houses, 6 awful looking dogs and outhouses that dumped right into the ocean.
I need a picture.
Aaron, Dr. Nat and boys took a trip through the jungle
to some cool B of M Temple ruins.
Ash, Nat and kids went to a private Island and played on the beach.

Stop Three
Dane, Ethan, Nat, Aaron, Dr. Nat and Rich all dove.
Cozumel was voted the best dive...why didn't I get to dive?
Ash and I stayed with the kids on the ship. We played games, ate, and read books.
Alex, Addi, Ethan
After another day at sea,
lots of fun things for adults, great entertainment, & excellent food,
we stopped at the NCL private island
for the beach, bbq. yoga which I gave thumbs down & a little shopping
Bahamas the Grand Stirrup CayAsh and Ethan went snorkelingCrewe, Drew & Ethan
DayneDr Nat and Natalie
lots of fun at the beach
PeytonDr. Nat helped Crewe loose his top tooth.
The trip was way more fun than I had hoped it would be.
We loved being together,
everyone was happy...
especially me!!!


*ethan* said...

thanks for taking us, it was wonderful! and thanks for uploading your pics, i am going to order some. i will get mine up soon. i was still feeling the rocking boat yesterday at work. i miss vacation!

*ethan* said...

ps that was me nat.

Ashley said...

Thanks for a great time. We loved going. We love you.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Thanks for the amazing trip! It was so much fun!! Thanks for all you do for us!! We love you!

*ethan* said...

that was a FANTASTIC time!!!

AmandaS said...

Okay, that looked fun! Love the matching outfit idea. You are a great family.

Joan said...

So fun! The matching outfits is a great idea. Did you take diving lessons too? What did you see under the water?