Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tag Your It!

So I was upstairs in my room trying on 3 bathing suits (I know why would anyone in the right mind do that and in the middle of winter, it is suppose to snow at any minute, with winter white skin) wishing that I could wear a burka. In 3 days we leave for a week Caribbean cruise with all the family, grandbabies included, all 16 of us. Hopefully I won't be saying "what was I thinking" and hopefully we will all finish the cruise too. So back to the point. Dane kept hollering for me to come down and see this blog.

Much to my surprise there on Just Joans blog was me. It was worth coming down and she said very nice things. I think I have her completely fooled. I miss her and the WayneO. Great fun long time friends. Not old friends because if they are old so are we and I am not old, at least not today.
Now I must look in "my pictures" pick the 6th file, 6th photo and tell you about them, and then tag 6 more people. Here goes~~~~drum roll. The 6th picture was a shrimp boat in Rocky Point Mexico but the next one was my friend Kippi. This picture was taken Feb 10, 2003 in Mexico. We were having a girls weekend in Mexico with Aunt Dawn, Ashley pg barfing, myself and Dawns friend Vicki. It was so fun. We were sun lizzards, knitted, read books, ate shrimp, chatted and of course a little shopping.

Kippi and I became friends 25 years ago when they moved to Billings. She was pg with Stu and I took her to the hospital. Lenny made it just in time for Stu's arrival. Dane and I took care of cute little Erin while she was getting a baby brother. We have helped raise each others children. Except once Kippi drove right by Ethan cursing at the stupid boys that were holding up traffic. Ethan and his friend had a minor fender bender...good one Kippi.
We use to want Erin and Ethan to get married and have a baby named Clark but they were to much like brother and sister...a little creepy.
We know many things about each other. I once told her if we ever did Trading Spaces and she glued silk flowers or straw on my walls I would kill her.
A few years back they left us in Montana and moved to Colorado. They have a beautiful house with a gorgous view that Kippi has decorated wonderfully. us in Hilton Head
We miss Kippi and Lenny, so every spring break since this trip to Mexico we spend together. We have been to Vegas, Hilton Head and Savannah, San Antonio, San Diego and this year we are going back to Mexico. They are fun travel buddies.

Kippi is an awsome Math teacher to jr high kids and likes it and them.
She is the Stake RS President and loves that.Align CenterShe is mad crazy about her one and only Grandson Carter.
hint get busy Erin, not you Stu.We make a great golf team.
us golfing in San Diego last April
Thanks for being my friend
I miss you!
So now I tag Kippi, Ashley, Natalie, Dr. Nat, Cortnee & Malinda
1. "my pictures" pick the 6th file
2. 6th photo and tell you about them
3. and then tag 6 more people.


Kathy said...

Thanks, Hody! The 6th picture is not one of my best - Mexico makes puffy hair apparently! Looking forward to Spring Break!

Chelsea said...

I have to admit...the first picture is the best!!! I am sure that she appreciated that one! I LOVE kippi!