Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Love Kids

It has been so fun to have Ethan, Natalie and their little family visiting.We took the kids to visit the Temple
Tried to teach the babies about how they can touch the Temple
and how the Temple can touch them.
I think they might be a little young.
I love when Kade says "Grandma you're the best"
and Addison says "Tiger, I love you!"
The babies found all kinds of fun things to do at Grandma's.
A little Guitar Hero Action
Salad making
twirling by Add
American Legion Baseball game at the new stadiumFun at the parkVisiting the bear at the zoo
Lots of games played with the G parents,
hit the favorite dining places, Italian creme sodas,
good friends visited, the Women's Run, manicures,
golf and golf, and shopping.
Come Back!


{natalie} said...

great pictures, the kids loved looking through them all. i still have not put them on my computer and ethan took the camera to school today.

thanks for having us up, it was a lot of fun. the kids have already asked to come back!

*ethan* said...

it's always fun to come up there