Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love

I have been working on my blog book.
I finally got all the editing done and now it is published. I am so happy with the finished product.It is 8 x 11, 118 page hardback book with heavy weight paper
for $49.95
and i got free shipping

(Maybe I should do a commercial for them)Here are a few of the pages.It is so easy and fun.Lots of different lay outs, styles, colors and editing tools
My last book I did a soft cover and a little smaller.
I like this one better
Next years book will even be better
So my friends that had a few problems.
Go to
download blurb book smart
good idea to watch the 37 min step by step tutorial or not
another great idea is to watch the 4 min customize picture layout tutorial
"slurp" your blog- you pick the dates that it will pick up and put into a ready made book. My book had 178 pages that I edited to 118 pages.
If your text is long it will go to another page. Some of your pictures get put on one page that could easily be a smaller picture. I always resize my pictures when I put them on my blog and they have a lower resolution that isn't always good for a larger picture. While editing your book you might want to import the same picture in a higher resolution. Just go to where your pictures are like "my pictures" and import and trade out the pictures.
***I just saw that you can edit your book in a PDF file and then send it to them. Not sure how that works but I guess that is something people have been asking for.
My only complaint is... I would like to start working on 2009 but I haven't figured out if it will slurp some now and then slurp more later.
Hopefully that will help you get started and if not call me.
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

It is very snazzy. This is the new version of making your company watch your vacation slides. If you come over, you WILL read all 117 pages and like it.

Brian and chelsea said...

This was a very helpful post - thankyou!

Anonymous said...

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Sally and Paul said...

You are so talented! I was putting a book together; but had problems with my computer. Maybe I will try Blurb

est. 1996 said...

Thanks!!! It looks awesome