Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Retro or just old?

This past weekend Dane and I went to Girls camp in Lewistown for Bishops night. Since we have been having lots of rain EVERYTHING was green. We could of been in Ireland but we were not. Lots of rolling hills and then into the Judith Mountains to the camp. Dinner was great, another down pour, the fireside with just our ward girls then the testimony meeting i.e crying time. We had a great time and both us of really enjoyed our little trip. However, if I ever have to go as a leader just kill me. Not loving all the silly girls.

We decided to stay at the only "nice" hotel in Lewistown the Yogo Inn.
As you know we don't camp.
Has been here for many years as you can tell.
We couldn't tell if they were trying to be RETRO
but I think it was just really old.
It looked like an accident waiting to happen,
so says the personal injury attorney.
Not to mention they just gave you a key to the door, not even a dead bolt.So this is what you get for $100.00 a night in Lewisitown.
The air con units were right outside the window
and they ran all night, very loudly.
On the up side, no dogs woke us the next morning.
We actually slept until 7:30, a firstLewistown has a new golf course so we thought we would try it out.
Actually, it is a converted cow pasture.
We lost many balls to those cows.
We thought we kept hearing a cell phone.
No, it was just cows mooing.
I must get back to the gym.
My drives were not testosterone laced.
(I am trying to chip here. It wasn't working either)

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{natalie} said...

that course looks pretty. i'm glad it stopped raining long enough to golf