Thursday, July 23, 2009


We have all been having fun creating.
FOAM is a big hit.
Dayne's kitty was in a rumble and ended up with only one ear.
The kids have loved their special place to create.Crewe has a perfect spot for working on his pirate legos.
Whipped up this cute dress for Dayne, and pj pants.
Ash has made all kinds of bags, Scooby doo bean bags for Cp's birthday party, magnet bags for Christmas gifts, a book bag for Dayne
and we are working on a huge bag (duvet cover) for Dayne's toddler bed.

I love my "create" room.


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I love your create room too! The boys would love a place for their legos!! Darling dress for Dayne! Very impressed with Ash's skills.

ashley said...

It has been so fun. I didn't make the dress. Only the bean bags. But if anyone wants bags, I am the man!

AmandaS said...

cute, cute! What is a magnet bag?

jody said...

Ash makes these cute magnets with letters and sayings then will put them in the little bags and give them for gifts.

{natalie} said...

those magnets sound like a great idea :)

i love your create room, it is perfect. dayne's dress is adorable.