Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to have Fun in MT

Come to Tiger and Grandma's
Start the vacation with swim lesson
(CP doing the back stroke & Dayne with her first lesson)

Many Donuts after the dog walking
Donut time
lots of hammock and dog time
the Water Slide
(the tidal wave when rich came down the water enema)

happy happy Church goers,
they both ran to "my class" the 2nd sunday
eating Mexican food and
playing games with the Grandparents
jumping on the neighbors trampa hug for brother
right after she let go of the strangle hold she had on Finn
Random picture of the Mom with curley hair
playing with the mighty camping dogs
(the pretty black girl treed a bear on the big camp out/hike)
being Tigers assistant
catching a Mustang's game
(just the 2 of them, male bonding time)

Lots of Tiger neck kisses
Lots of Grandma Jody timeWe loved our visitors.
We have missed the early morning "Grandma" call,
watching "Dowa", and "you're home" from Dayne.
We have missed hide the "pimble", reading books, hide and seek, playing video games,
and "what fun thing are we doing today?" from Cp
We are in dog depression.
kids brings us your kids


ashley said...

I am not sure we need to say that we had fun, I mean the pictures alone.....thank you. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Sally and Paul said...

Glad you all had so much fun!
Gotta love those grandkids.