Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Things First

The Chinese people have a mandatory retirement at the age of 50 with little money and not much to do. So they go to the parks for exercise every morning.
Hundreds of them line dance even to jingle bells, ball room dance,
fan and sword dancing, tango, Tai Chi
play games, saw old people playing hackie sack, cards and visiting
they all seem to be happy
The Forbidden City
Home of 24 Emporers of the Ching and Ming Dynasty 1400's
800 buildings and 8000 rooms

The Emperor was the only non castrated male allowed in the palace
to insure that he would be the father to next Emperor.
The Forbidden City and the Imperial Gardens are twice the size of Central Park in New York and we walked it all.
Just outside the last wall is Tienanmen Square.

There are several huge courts like this one.

Tienanmen Square is the worlds largest public square. In 1989 the square was the scene of student demonstrators that were killed. The pillars represent the 56 ethnic groups in China and were on display for their 60 anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China, October 1, 2009.
The square is huge and very bleak.
Notice the picture of Chairman Mao and the smog.


cathi said...

this has to be the coolest trip i have ever seen you have to read "lost on Planet China" nat has it look forward to seeing more pics cathi hall

{natalie} said...

i am excited to see more pictures and hearing more about it. that smog is unreal. too bad for their lungs.

Ashley said...

Listen if i got to go the park everyday and dance, play games and drink diet coke with my friends. I would be pretty happy, even if I was old.