Sunday, September 6, 2009

I grew It!

The first Sunday of the month is Fast Sunday.

With our meeting times we are the last Ward to meet so we have a big dinner to break the fast.
It is affectionately call "Linger Longer" or has also been known as "another hour of church."
This months theme was

"I grew it"
and you were to bring food from your garden.
I didn't grow a pig but I am bringing a pork roast to add to all of the fresh vegetables and zucchini bread and cake.

Dane on the other hand is bringing this :
that's right
a Hostess cup cake plant

(sure wish money could grow like that)

this is what I grew...wheat
Now how do I make bread?


Ashley said...

it's nice that you and dad compliment each other. you both think dad is the funniest man...... nice tree. I would take one.

{natalie} said...

pork roast sounds good....i wish we had one for dinner here.

AmandaS said...

Ha! Kevin only wishes that I would grow a Hostess Cupcake plant!