Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guilin to Shanghai

Dane in the orange and white shirt and the guys and 4 million other Chinese friends took bikes back into the rice fields. I got to go for a float down the river.
On our way back to Guilin we stopped at a zoo that had 600 tigers and 300 Moon Bears
Hardly any people at the zoo which was a huge change. The Chinese are not interested in tigers. I guess it must be like seeing a zoo full of antelope.
Shanghai has 20 million people,
very glitzy, tons of tall buildings, like several New York Cities

get a real broom
This is our view from our VERY nice room, on the 17th floor at the Ho Jo and the only green grass empty lot we saw in Shanghai.The tallest building in the world
some more random pictures from Shanghai

Bird business
wedding car out side the flower market
tons of beautiful flowers
in a huge big warehouse
I think that will be the end of the pictures of a great trip.
So glad we went, what a wonderful experience.
I am so grateful to be an American;)
"She She" Tiger

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