Friday, October 2, 2009

People Watching

The Chinese babies are so dang cute.
We saw this cute little thing at the Imperial Gardens with her parents and Grandma.
Grandma plays a huge role
Two of our guides told us the same deal. When you have your 1 baby you get 4 month paid maternity leave then 6 months not paid if you want more time off. If you decided to not come back to work you are done. Good jobs are hard to find and even harder to keep as there are so many people that want your job. Most mother in laws either move in with the new parents or after the 10 months take the baby to their house. Our guide in Beijing said that his daughter lived with the Grandparents for 5 years! She came back to them right before she started kindergarten. Our guide Faye in Guillin/Yangshuo said that she lived with her Grandmother and saw her parents on Chinese New Year and maybe one more time during the year. She felt that this was the old way,the old generation way,like me. Would that put a cramp in my life style or what?
So the "old generation" also doesn't have babies wear diapers. They have split bottom pants and they paper train the babies. We saw many bare bums going potty on newspaper then the GMa cleans it up.

The Chinese Women are workers
and strong
we only saw women carring these kind of baskets
try sitting like this
if you get the balance going then try standing up
good luck


Ashley said...

I don't like the baby butts hanging out.

Kathy said...

I like the baby bums...