Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 Things About "New Moon"

I have loved reading the "Twilight" books and seeing Stephenie Meyer become successful. "New Moon" is mostly about Bella being nothing without a man. Love lost, sad, sad, sad, get a new man, go find man #1. Except man # 1 isn't a man he is a vampire and man # 2 is a werewolf.
My list
* The movie held true to the book

* Jacob wasn't a Crow

* Edward needs to be a happy boy

* I hate Edwards makeup

* The wolf pack never wore shirts

* Bella was depressed for far to long

* The carmel corn was delish

* "hunky shirtless jail bait werewolves " thank you eric d.snyder

* Edward wear sports coats all the time, I thought he was 17

* Bella reminds me of a bunny rabbit

So I'll go with 3 stars out of 5


Joan said...

Why a bunny rabbit? I just don't understand that one. She is not promiscuous, don't hop around much and is not perky. I want to hear your reasons for that one. LOL

jody said...

her teeth!

Have you seen the movie and are you a fan?

My Nifty Needle said...

I agree, the book is great. But Bella in the movie....I can't stand.
No personality,always depressed looking, not to mention her below average looks (is that mean?) she's just unappealing ad uninteresting and yet she has all the guys falling all over her. A little hard to believe. In the movie it just doesn't work for me...maybe it's just that actress. But in the book it does work. She's much more fiesty and has a lot more going on.