Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time For A New Post

I'm tired of seeing the post about my stolen purse.
It is snowing and I am loving it. It is so beautiful out.
Big, fluffy, white, flakes sticking on the grass
and the trees.
Tonight it looks like a Thomas Kinkade picture outside
I'm happy that we put the Christmas lights up
when it was warm
and all the billion of leaves are raked up.
good bye fall


{natalie} said...

i thought it was going to snow here yesterday but we only got rain. the mountains are snowy though so i don't think it's far off. enjoy the white.

Ashley said...

It is only 21 degrees there right now. Burrrrr...... I am a wuss. I know it. The snow looks pretty but it bad news.

Sally and Paul said...

I agree with you, I love the snow!