Wednesday, January 27, 2010

California Celabration

It is 14 degrees in Montana and snow everywhere
It is January
The only way to endure the winter
Take a break
Go to California for a few days
CA actually had just endured many days and inches of rain
but the sun was out and it is greenand it is Grandpa Schofield's 85th Birthday
Dawn and Wimp, Nita and the Birthday boy drove over from Mexico to San Diego
(through snowy mts and scarey roads) so we could all celebrate his birthday with lots of good Mexican food and fun. It was a delightful break from winter.
Ashley, Rich and kids caught a cheap flight down
to help celebrate
Gps bday and hers
with a next day surprise of visiting Disneyland

(next post ode to Disney)
Our dogs missed us when we are gone
even though they have a great babysitter
this is what Dane found on my bed!
Get down bad dogs!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun from the snow break!!