Friday, February 26, 2010

Rename the phrase

"It's just like riding a bike" should be "just like skiing."We had the most amazing day. Dane and I are in Utah and we,
Aaron, Dr. Nat, Ethan, Alex, Drew, Peyton, Uncle Ethan, Tiger and I
went skiing at Brighton!!!!
! Dane and I haven't skied in probably 8 years. Needless to say I was a little nervous. Ethan kept telling me that it is like riding a bike and
I WOULD be able to stop and actually ski.
He was right it all came right back and we had such a great time.
The little boys did great, we were impressed.
Aaron and Ethan are excellent skiers. WOW!!!
They should be in commercials.
The sun was out the the snow was perfect. We skied until our legs were wobbly on little
short skies
which were so easy to control.
It was so fun.


Ashley said...

It looks like a beautiful day. I wish I was there!!!!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Oh it was such a beautiful day!! Thanks for coming to visit! We had so much fun!!!!!

*ethan* said...

that was a great time... and i was like riding a bike