Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashion Shoe?

So this is what they are telling me I must wear for the next month
and I don't think it is very fashionable
but I will probably wear it.

Last Friday I had foot surgery and here are a few of my random thoughts.

I hate laying around, it is hard to do nothing.
I hate taking naps, you just feel crappy afterwords.
I finally got to take a real shower after 5 days.
I finally got to put polish back on my toes.
I went to El B with 3 day old bed couch head.
My foot still hurts...this better be worth it, I love hooker shoes.
I have a house keeper which I think I like.
I can't walk the dogs for probably a month...sorry darlin.
I have loved the flowers, calls and cards kids...thanks.
I didn't make the bed for several days..un heard of.
I'm tired or reading and watching movies.
I'm feeling whinny.
I don't like that the EverReady bunny is running on low batteries.


{natalie} said...

it must be very hard for you to sit still. i hope you are ready for next weekend. don't worry we will take it easy on you. we are excited to hang out together.

i'm glad you are enjoying the housekeeper

Rachel and Brian said...

I know how you feel! Downtime is over-rated. Hope your foot heals quickly! & thanks for reading our blog!

Sally and Paul said...

What kind of surgery??? Natalie mentioned it. Sure hope it heals well and fast. I DO love naps, want me to take one for you????