Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mix and Match

For Christmas Ash gave me these cute socks.

I love them
they come in 3's in case the wash machine fairy steals one
my friend bought me this set from hereand I bought this set on line

I finally got to paint my toes and pulled out my OPI colors
"Prune Danish" "Curl My Mistle Toes" "Love This Color"
"Bus Stop Crimson" "Love You So Much"
I love them all and they all are just about the same color
Only my friend Delaine would really know the difference
When I pulled off my turquoise and dog sock
I realized that I had 2 different colors on my toes...crap
I will pretend like that is how I want it
just like my socks
cool huh?

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Anonymous said...

pretty cool socks.