Sunday, March 28, 2010

More CA fun

One of the benefits of having girls weekend in Ca Is getting to see the grandkids. Dayne has the Mary Engelbreit pose down along with the attitude.

Crewe took me to his T-ball field which is AstroTurf and very nice

Watched a little t-ball practice. The boy even wore the hat.
Also got to watch Daynes dance class. The little girls were so cute
and they have a dog that comes in and out of class.

Oh it brought back such sweet memories of Ashley dancing
Went up to the river for a nice drive and to check out the calla lillies

just growing by the side of cabin

thanks for having you

1 comment:

{natalie} said...

i can't wait to for t-ball to start.

and dayne's dance class looks so cute.

i'm glad it was a fun time :)