Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After far to many cold snowy winter days in MT Don and Nita and Sassy the dog yieled to the call of Mexico. Dane and I were the first transporters. The drive through West Yellowstone, Island Park was the best roads ever for this time of year, NO SNOW. Rich did the next leg of the trip and delivered the G Parents to Dawn and Wimp to take them to Mexico.Tiger, Kade, Ethan and Addison The Cougars should of beat NM but the game was still fun.
Great Basketball, Cougars Tails (huge maple bar),
dancing girls, Cosmo and great company
Ethan liked this rabbit like critter
The "Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum"
on the BYU campus. Tons of critters
Cougar Fans
Got to watch Ales play hoop.
Back yard night pre run for skiing at Brighton
I love Peyton and Kade and "Action Hereos"
Many Air hockey games were played.
It was a great weekend, lots of fun, good eats and we love & miss you all.
Thanks for having us!

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Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

We're so glad you came to visit! It was so much fun!!! Thanks for coming!