Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lawn Mower-Play-Mother-in-Law House

Last summer the gparents gave me their riding mower. It was heaven sent picking up leaves but it needed a place to get out of the elements. I bought a $60 cover but I noticed in the dead of winter it shook that off.

Dane told me if we ever had any granddaughters I could have a play house. I'm sure thinking that he was safe since we were on a run of just grandsons with six of them. Almost 4 years ago when we got our first granddaughter Addison and then granddaughter number 2 Dayne came along, I had to remind him of wanting a play house.

So yesterday the builders came:They would be finished but it is raining snowing;(

I am looking for flower window boxes and trying to figure out where I am going to put all the dirt that they dug out for the foundation. It looked like they were digging for a pool, oh that is a good idea.


ashley said...

House for the girls? That they share with the lawmower? I don't get it but will see it and then get it.

jody said...

yes play house- lawnmower house and a place for Nita;)))

{natalie} said...

awesome. will it be done next week? haha.

see you soon.