Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun Vistors from Utah

It was so fun to have the Schofield's for a visit! As we walked our dogs this morning Tiger was wishing that he had his assistant dog walker with him. We get used to having the house quite, then company comes and when it goes back to quite we always say we would rather have the company. We love our kids and grand kids and like them too.So first dog walk.
A visit to Norm Sholenthaler Island
brought a record number of 17 dogs!
Church, BBQ, Games-Basketball, Lacross, Wuffel Ball, Tiger Says, even got Aaron to try my mower out. If I had this when he was in charge of the grass he would of been a happier mower, he got that baby cookin down the home stretch. The new love of Ethan and Alex the card game "Wizzard" was played many times. Me, I no like
so I watched "Avatar" on Blue-ray.

Ac is sure I need to own one, we held out, but it was amazing.The eats this weekend were great, like Chocolate drop cookies. When the fam comes to town they always have their list of favorite places to eat.
To top off the weekend the 2nd annual Beat the Bishop Race.
A 2 mile race with about 30 people running
and if they beat the Bishop he will buy lunch. Guess who bought lunch?
Both Ethan and Alex smoked him, Alex the speed monster finishing 3rd:)
We are pretty crazy about this family.
The "4 brothers" are growing up way to fast Drew was the winner in growing the most in one year. By our bear chart he grew 4 1/2 inches this last year.
It was great to have them come for a very fun surprise. As they got to the end of the street and I could still see their car I got this text
"the kids said, we miss them already and we aren't even out of their cul de sac"

thanks for coming and hurry back,
we miss you too!


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Thanks for having us!! We had such a great time! Love all the pictures!

Ashley said...

I don't like chocolate drop cookies so i guess it's a good thing we weren't there......but it looks like a great time.

{natalie} said...

i thought i commented on this already. i love all the pics, it looks like a fun weekend. i glad the beat the bishop was a success again this year.