Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Usually am a patient person

For Christmas Ash and family gave Dane a "Nook" book reader. I haven't really gotten into it. I like to see how many pages until the end of the chapter, how many chapters, feel the book.
We have several books loaded and
my friend Florence has talked to me a hundred times about this book and how I must read it. She has raved about it, but it is a young adult science fiction. It is about the future where they play a survival game. With nothing to read, high commendations from Ash and Dane too,
I turned on the "Nook" and started the book.
Every time I would read within 15 minutes I was out.
What is going on?
The book was great, exciting and a fast read, but I would still sleep.
I think the "Nook" has chloroform seeping out of it.
I did finally finish the book and then got right into this one.
Oh it is good. "Peeta" and "Katniss" are still "in the game." It is the middle book. Kind of like "Empire Strikes Back." It has got me hooked and now we have to wait until August 24th for the final book. grrrrI don't want to wait.
so read the first 2 books!

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Ashley said...

How could you not love the Nook? And Sleeping why reading? I am not sure we are related....however, I too LOVED the books.