Sunday, June 13, 2010

CA fun with the Palmers

We were so excited to have the boys bring their families to MT and we were sad to see them go. My solution is always lets go see some more kids, so off to Ca we went.1st stop was the Happy Hollow Zoo.
The zoo was a 5 but they had a great play area, petting zoo,
and it was a beautiful day.Dayne and the band aid due to the fall, camping... 7 stitches.Swim lessons for Dayne, swim team for Cp
and swimming at the club.
I wish I had a pool club to hang out at this summer.
A fun trip to San Francisco
mostly to eat at Houston's, sooo good.
We introduced the delicious grilled artichoke to Dayne,
and she loved it.
A little car shopping, Pokeman card shopping, great eats like Amichi pizza twice, a baseball game, Cp's darling kindergarten program, a rodeo parade,
and just loving being together.

We are in grand-babies withdrawals and I have the shakes.
We really like are kids and grandkids.

Lets keep the party going.

PS For the program the teacher suggested that the kids wear their best Sunday clothes.
Now a Mormon Mom can hook that up.
Cp looked darling and kept asking if this was his very best outfit. You should of seen some of the interesting outfits.


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Looks like a very fun trip with beautiful weather!

Ashley said...

Thanks for coming. We loved EVERYTHING About the visit. Except not enough time....please come back.

we love you.