Monday, June 21, 2010


Touch Down at the Metra
fortunately the "Outlaws" weren't playing and the place was emptyhowever it rained and rained and ruined anything that might of been salvaged
it took the roof off and scattered insulation and debris for miles
this is the upper parking lot

a little insulation that made it to our house
we have one golf ball size chip in the siding
probably be about the deducible to fix
knocked one of the power transformers off
we had power but much of the area was without for several hours

this is the wind shield replacement store
that is across from McD's and Target which were finebut the store is ta ta
The Taco John's sign wasn't greased up like the rest of the place
so it had a little damage

the coin laundry, the casino and Reiters had quite of bit of damage
ta ta to those places


{natalie} said...

wow that is so crazy. i'm glad your house was ok. too bad about the is a mess.

Aunt Chris said...

So glad that you didn't have any damage. I was really surprised to hear of a tornado Montana.

*ethan* said...

fewwwwww....i'm so happy that taco john's is ok!!! oh and you guys too

Sally and Paul said...

Yikes that must have been SCARY! Glad you guys are A OK!