Sunday, June 20, 2010


You know how I love to talk about weather
well this is weather
Holy crap we are having a major storm as I type.
Rain and more rain and thunder, lightning, and a tornado. We have lived in Billings, Montana for 32 years and we have never seen a tornado here. It sounded like a freight train and the tornado sirens were going off. It was scarey and I wanted to go down in the deep basement with the scared Stella
but instead I grabbed my camera.
and extra large golf ball size hail
the news is reporting extensive damage to the Metra Park roof
and surrounding areas

we just saw on the news that the roof is gone
lots of flooding
we haven't checked out our house siding for damage
we are crossing our fingers that all is well


Amy said...

Wow...the hail in that last picture is HUGE! We watched footage of the storm last night on my dad's laptop. I can't believe the destruction it caused to the Metra! Where will the Shammy Cloth and Quick and Bright vendors go during the fair?

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Those pictures are amazing! What a storm!