Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alaska 20x2 Class Reunion

Chugach Elementary SchoolMike McLaughlin, Daine Black, Dave Sherwood, Candy Bagoy, Dan Merbs, Joyce Bentz
Linda Huron, Linda Stassel, Carol Thorsness, Connie Means, Rick Nerland,Judy Hoblit,Me

it just says "Mom and Dad"
I took this picture from the plane. If I lived in Alaska I think I would get the one that says "Brrr"And maybe own this hat.
We went to a downtown open air market that had lots of hand crafted items.

My sister Judy got this cool necklace.
A Summer day in Anchorage
The Chugach Mountain Range
Alaska is so beautiful!
Chester Creek Park
Sleeping Lady in the back
Cook Inlet Sunset
The sun set at 11:30 PM
and yet it never really got dark.

Between the light and the parties it was hard to go to bed.
My old house, I will say it is looking better than it ever did.Dane and his new Christmas Card FriendMe and Judy Hoblit Hundrup, my best friend since 3rd grade we were "JodyandJudy"
one time I covered for her while she was with her boyfriend
her dad found out and I got busted too
Dane golfed at his old favorite "Moose Run"
Judy and Connie Means Luce
Connie was in my 3rd grade class
one summer she and I got to go to Portland and visited family
The beginning of our 3 hour lunch with dear old friends

Diane Black Smith and Linda Huron LangerquistJudy Me and Linda
I was over at Linda's and she was dating Danes best friend Mike Buza.
Mike and Dane came over to visit and the rest is history.
My dear friends
Judy, Me, Craig Smith and Patty Jensen Olmstead

Craig was an old boyfriend and Patty was an old girlfriend of Danes
Patty thinks she is the one that hooked Dane and I up.
Rick Nerland, Me and Patty

We had a wonderful 4 days in the north country. It was so fun being with my sister and friends. Many of my friends were made long ago. I was sorry that Dane didn't get to go to his 40th but we did get to see several of his friends. I learned that people don't change they just get older.
Thanks for the fun trip darlin!!


{natalie} said...

it looks so beautiful there. i'm glad you got to go and see all your old friends. you look the best!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Looks like a very fun time. I agree with Nat, you definitely look the best!

jody said...

thanks girls your checks are in the mail