Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look at us being outdoors people ...again.

Girls Camp in Bozeman...check
Yellowstone Park, very fun... check
WARD CAMP OUT outside Red Lodge...check
Well kind of
We went up for an evening of fun, fireside and delicious dutch oven cobblers.We actually stayed at Rock Creek Inn in a 3 bedroom condo. When we were checking in a black bear, a real bear walked through the parking lot. I first saw him in my mirror and hollered at Ash and Crewe to hurry and get in the car. But we all saw the bear and I guess the bear is a frequent visitor to the Inn.After dads little talk and inviting everyone to breakfast that he was cooking, Crewe had him bend down and whispered to him "can I make an announcement?"After getting the ok he said, "my Grandma is making her special secret syrup." French toast breakfast was a hit and the syrup was delish.
After breakfast in the woods we headed back to the hotel
for swimming. A very nice huge pool
but no bear sighting.

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Sally and Paul said...

Did the bear look like Yogi?
Fun times...