Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swimmers Take Your Mark

I love to swim. As a kid we lived right beside a huge indoor pool, "the Spa" and we spent half our life swimming. In the winter our hair would freeze just walking up the hill to our house. After returning from Alaska I got out my old old scrap book and on one page I wrote about what medals I won at the State meet.

todays team cheer
watch a video
fuzzy wuzzy was a shark
fuzzy wuzzy take your mark
fuzzy wuzzy swim real fast
fuzzy wuzzy don't get last

goooo sharks
Butteryfly was my event and CP has been swimming the fly.
Last time I saw him swim I thought he was going to drown and now he is on the swim team and swimming the fly. I couldn't resist and with a frequent flier ticket I was in for the next swim meet. It was so fun. CPs team the Roanwood Sharks has 200 kids and they were racing against a team of 200 plus all the parents it was quite an event. Very well organized and cool.
watch his fly
(manditory 2 hand touch)
2nd in the back strokewatch him in the free
the tent city while they wait for their racesI need a pool

sorry the cheer and free aren't linking up
search Roanwood cheer and Roanwood Crewe Palmer

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{natalie} said...

i love swimming too -- too bad for early morning seminary being at the same time as swim team.

good job crewe, glad you got to be there for him