Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to have fun in Montana

We love company, especially when it involves little people.
We just wish all these cute kids lived closer.
Visit Yellowstone National park
Red Lodge quasi camping and see a bearChurch
Sunday evening wuffle ball
Cp read 3 books Ash read 4 booksCurbside pick up after the 5th movie that Ash saw
the fams count was 2
Enjoying the summer rain storms
swim many many times
Mustang game 4 times, Ash 0
eat good Mexican food
4 times a babysittersprinkle park
shop, shop, shopplay in the back yard
Ash worked lots for the Dad
arcade several times
ice cream run 100 timeshammock time
sew, made 4 darling apronsplay with toys, gotta love the army menplay lots of hide and seek can you find Dayne?
and even more "grab butt"
Ash go out with her friend Delaine to play
play with the dogsStella was know as "my little champ"
when she would get Finn on his back
mow the lawn
have all the girls nails donetake the dogs swimming
it is a wonder we can see out of these slits we call eyes
be together
It is always so fun when Ash and the kids come and stay for a couple of weeks. Only problem is when they leave we have to be put on suicide watch.

oh come back!


Ashley said...

Seriously. The dog depression is so bad!!!! Thanks for having us. I love the pictures. It's always such a great time. Thanks!!!!! Thanks!!! We love you.

AmandaS said...

Um . . . where are the pictures of the cute aprons???

Sally and Paul said...

Wonderful memories!!!