Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Little Champ

It's Fair time and they had this fun
"Splash Dog"

Stella's best jump from the dock
but she only jumped of it 3 times
We paid $20 to practice to see if Stella is ready for competition.
Dane tried to show her to just Superman Off
Stella girl wanted that toy but it was pretty scary up so high.So she tried it underwater
Bark Bark Bark "give me that toy"
Bark Bark Bark "I'm not going off"
So she ran down the stairs and off the ramp
"I am very good going off the ramp
Stella was very well behaved and LOVED the water.
We were the only ones practicing and can go again.
She is good off the ramp
We were so proud of "My Little Champ"

Stella got the name of "My Little Champ" from CP
When Stell and Finn would play and Finn would be on his back the kids
thought they were fighting and Stella was winning
thus the "My Little Champ."


Ashley said...

I notice no Finn on the sides cheering..... Or jumping.

Go Stella

Jackie said...

So adorable! Eric wants Tucker to do that kind of stuff. haha So did she actually go in for competition?

jody said...

No competition for Stella just enjoyed the swim. She figured out that she could jump from the dock to the ramp then the water and she could get the toy that way. She is a cheater dog.

Joan said...

What a cute little cheater. She must have had a lot of fun for $20.

Sally and Paul said...

Yeah Stella!!! That is so fun for the dogs to do, and people to watch