Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Face of the Sun

Mesa Temple
September 24, 2010
Kurt and Megan MatthewsMan it was hot
Dr Nat, Me, Ashley and Natalie
We were on the face of the sun at 107The cute chalkboard tree
that you would write your message to the newlyweds
then stand beside your message and have your picture takenAfter a great Mexican food reception
at a beautiful golf course we headed to Tuson

for reception number 2 at Megan's grandparents ranch
But lots of fun family time

a little putting contestThe air museum was way cool, hundreds of every plane built,
I really liked the rocket looking plane that Chuck Yeagar broke the sound barrier in and the Blackbird that Dane is standing in front of
but so hot
it was walking on the face of the sun!


*ethan* said...

it was fun, but so hot

{natalie} said...

i like all your pictures, glad i am wearing a slip in the temple pic. it was a fun weekend, thanks for taking us with you!

Ashley said...

It was a very delightful weekend! Thanks. We had a great great time

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

What a wonderful weekend! Hot, but oh so fun! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to say Dane was hot?