Saturday, October 2, 2010

1950-1959 A baby is born

This will be the first of 6 posts for the birthday boy.
One for each day leading up to his birthday October 7th

A time line of your life, meant to be added upon.
We love you and

October 7th 1950 Dane Craig Schofield was born

Don and Nita were living in Wilsal, Montana when they were expecting baby # 3. Nita came to Billings so her parents and Aunt Helen could help with Dawn and Stew. Dane weighed 9 pounds and 9 ounces and came with a full head of hair. After a week in the hospital Nita and Dane were on their way back to Wilsal.
August the family moved to Indio, California where Don was a band director.

December 26, 1951 your future wife was born

cute 3 year old Dane

1955 and 1956

Dane had rhematic fever, for about 2 years and wasn't able to walk. Don and Nita carried him every where but mostly he layed on the couch. He had a visiting teacher that would come and give Nita assignments to teach him. Nita taught Dane to read.


One day Don went and got a load of manure to spread on the garden. The kids were helping and when they were finished Dane jumped in the truck along with Dawn. Unbeknown to Dawn, Danes finger was in the door and the end of his finger ended up in the manure. A quick 3 second rule and a trip to the emergency room the finger tip was sewn back on.

In the 3rd grade Mrs. Droughts class, in Indio, Ca, you read 110 books.

When I picture my dad I think of him in the living room sitting in the blue chair. Sometimes he is pinching his nose, listening to a problem. At really stressful times he has taken his glasses off. Sometimes he is sitting back with is legs crossed showing his bare humped feet. My favorite times are when he has his headphones on and is singing and hand dancing. A clap or two follow his moves. However, when you really find my dad being himself, in the corner it involves holding a book or another reading material. It may be the scriptures, a Coin World, a Vince Flynn novel or yet another book about how to train his unruly dogs. My dad's love of reading is the best thing he has taught me. I feel smart when I have read a book that my dad recommended. I feel joy when we discuss a book. I feel entertained when I read a book I would have never picked up if my dad had not introduced it to me. I am happy when I think of my dad in the corner and hope that I can teach my kids that kind of "book love".--ashley
Even though you were suppose to take it easy you talked your parents into letting you play baseball.

You were baptized when you were 8 and lived in Indio, CA
Your love for coin collecting started.
You would go to the little store and the bank
and they would let you look at their penny rolls.

When you went to Van Deane Elementary school in Torrance, CA you would come home for lunch everyday and Nita would make you
frozen steak sandwich and a chocolate shake
I think she also made you eat liverwurst sandwiches.

Ethan was about 9 when he and
Dane took a road trip to the Denver Coin show.


Anonymous said...

Thanks hon for this post and the ones to come. Can you tell who was the star of the BB team? Ha. Also on the coin picture I look like Harry Potter's dad. Oh well. It's been a great ride.

Anonymous said...

ps. Thanks Ash for those kind and warm memories. I am glad you love to read.

Ashley said...

I love the post mom. Good Job!