Sunday, October 3, 2010

1960-1969 My Prince Charming

Birthday Post Day TWO

During the summer you went to summer school
and played chess and checkers
your Mom thinks you were always the winner.

check out the ears
I look at old mens ears and they are huge. Even guys that are 60 have huge ears, but not you. You got to have huge ears when you were a kid and now your ears are just right. No satellite dishes for you ever again.

On your way home from Church you would strip down, get out of your Church clothes and ride home in your underwear.

Your first suit was a light blue corduroy.

Many summer days were spent at Redondo Beach surfing with
Stewart and your friend Ricki.
Fishing in Montana
Many summers you came to Montana
to see your
Grandparents and Uncle Frank and Aunt Helen
The family moved to Oceanside, California for 9th grade

Dane moved to Alaska from California

Driving up the Alcan Highway in the back of a pickup truck with your dog Lucky


Cope Street Anchorage, Alaska

You were a basketball star and band nerd.
Dane and lucky jr year

(This isn't Lucky the dog, it is a strange dog that just needed a pet. I never meet Lucky and hadn't ever seen the picture before. HAHAHA Also I am told that this picture is from 1971 in front of Reams Apt in Provo oh well)
and a
A Cross country running star
1968 High School Graduation
The boy I fell in love with.
I was at my friends Linda Hurons house and she was dating Danes best friend Mike Buza and he and Dane came over to visit. Linda kept kicking me under the table and Dane too, like check each other out. That weekend you asked me out

Our first date was April 18, 1968 and we went to teen club and danced and
Dane sang with the band.
In July Don and Nita moved to Germany.
Oct 7, 1968 Germany Danes 18th birthday
He was going to the University of Maryland in Munich
and got in trouble for his parents not checking him out and taking he and Stew for his birthday weekend to Garmish and Berchesgaden.
January 1969
Dane became a Cougar and transferred to BYU.

During the summer you came to Alaska and worked and lived with Mike Buza.

December 26,1969
my 18th birthday
I got to come to Germany for Christmas


jody said...

I can still hardly believe the Al Can highway story. While Jody says she feel in love with the Dane in picture number 7 I'll bet her favorite is number 4.

rich said...

the last comment was me. Rich A Palmer