Monday, October 4, 2010

1970-1979 We get to be parents

Happy Birthday Day THREE1970 I graduated from High School and then in the fall I went to BYU
During the summer you worked in Anchorage moving furniture again.
You and Stewart lived in mothers house on F Street

BYU Coeds
For Thanksgiving we drove to Montana in the worst blizzard,
complete white out in Yellowstone Park

May 1972
Dane graduated from BYU with a History Degree

That summer I went to Alaska to work and Dane stayed in California with his Mom and worked . In August I came down and announced that I was going back to BYU.
The next week Dane and I went for a walk on the beach
and he asked me to marry him.
Jan 18, 1973 we were sealed in the LA Temple

We had our things packed and in our new green Datsun 510 we headed to Alaska. We honeymooned up the California coast
This is our first apartment in Anchorage, AlaskaWe were on our way to Fairbanks Alaska for my brothers wedding
and little did we know were expecting a baby.
March 28, 1974 Aaron Christopher Schofield
was born and we became parents.
He was 4 months old when Don and Nita saw him for the first time
and we were on our way to Provo, Utah
for Dane to start BYU J Reuben Clark Law School.

For Aarons first Christmas we went to California
to spend the holidays with Don and Nita.
They had just moved to Ford Ord and were living on base at VIP3.
Aaron was 9 months old and we had a very Charlie Brown tree.

For the summer we went to Alaska so that we could work.
Dane sold cars and I worked at a mortgage company,
we saved enough money so that neither of us had to work
during the school year.
Dane Law School basketball team

During the summer we went to Alaska to work. We got a triangle fare from California to Hawaii to Alaska for $100. 00. We spent 3 days in Honolulu. Paid $19.00 a night for the hotel and $10.00 a day for a rental car. When we arrived in Anchorage we didn't even have a dime to call my Mom to come get us.
Our last year of Law School
Feb 14, 1977 Ashley Chisum Schofield
was born to us in Provo, Utah
May 1977
Dane graduated from law school
and we moved to Billings, Montana
where he worked for Hibbs, Sweeny and Colberg Law Firm.
Dane went to work for Ken Peterson
and we bought our first home 314 Monroe.
December 26, 1979 Ethan Chisum Schofield was born
I just wanted to be home for Christmas for Aaron and Ashley so for my 28th birthday I got the best gift ever.


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Great my dad


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Love the all the pictures and the history that goes with each one!

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Love this post. There are a few pictures that I have never seen. Even better.