Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1980-1989 Our Family

January 1980
we moved into our house at 67 Pecan
Christmas 1980
Dane was made a full partner in Peterson, Schofield and Leckie
1981 10K Rim Run
Dane ran with me for my first ever race1982 Big Sky
Dane taught me to ski
October 1983
Ralph the wonder dog came to us. We had gone to a friends house and they had these darling half lab half sheep dog pups. The Dad told our kids that they were going swimming in the Yellowstone if they didn't find homes for them. That is all it took. The next day after work Dane went by their house and brought us home Ralph. He was wet and dirty. We gave him a bath in "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" shampoo. We loved Ralph.

When Ralph was a baby dog he loved to pull the tress out in the back yard. Dane had had enough and said that he needed another home. I cried and said that he would learn to be a good dog. The next day was Mothers Day and for Mothers day I got the book "No Bad Dogs." I knew then that Ralph had a place in your heart.
Aaron remembers when he was in the 5th grade he got to take Karate and came home excited to show a new kick he learned. He was showing Dad a little to close and Dad caught his leg and down he went, resulting in a broken arm. To this day he says it hurts when the weather changes.
We tried to every summer get together with Stew and Grace and family taking turns either us going to Michigan or them coming to Montana. Stew and Dane were having a contest of who could keep their hand in Rock Creek, Mt the longest.
For Grandpas 60th birthday in January
we went on a 3 day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas
"Bahama Rama"
A favorite cousins picture taken in Yellowstone National Park
on our way to the "Firehole" to swim
Ashley remembers that when she would have sleepovers, downstairs in the hid-a-bed Dad would make breakfast. "Not normal breakfast upstairs. He would create a menu for my friends and I to check boxes. Then we would stay in bed while he took the menus away and made our breakfast. Then he would serve it to us in bed, on a tray. He rocked!"
1987 Merry Christmas

Aaron recalls a family ski trip to Bridger Bowl where we slid off the road on Jackson Creek road. While we skied Dad drove the car down to Bozeman to have the wheels aligned. He made it back just in time for one run. What a good Dad.
Ashley made these card for Dane.
He would dance with her and show her his moves


During the summer we took the kids to Alaska and on the way home we stopped in Vancouver BC for the worlds fair. Ashley remembers that we all got in a huge phone booth and called my Mom in Alaska on a "speaker phone," and it was a big deal.1989
Dane in his Grandpa Schofield jacket

We made a wonderful trip to Germany to visit Don and Nita.
The kids were most impressed that dogs could come into restaurants and the exit signs on the freeway said "ausfart."

We bought Aaron a little pick up for his first car. Aaron recalls that we had gone a trip and I bought a decal for his car in bright colors that I thought said "Gotcha" but it really said "Bitchin" Dad let me keep the decall but not put it on the little truck.


Anonymous said...

hey, I like the rust carpet. Also gigantic temple glasses. In case you haven't noticed, 90% of men temple workers still wear their glasses from the 80s. Ha

*ethan* said...

great post... but Germany gets no pics?

Ashley said...

I was thinking the same...no pictures of Germany. Or Ethan sleeping his way through Germany. Or the salt mines... Love the posts.

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