Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1990-1999 I think our Life is Perfect

1990 Happy 40th
We filled his office with tons of black balloons.

Ashley recalls that when she was in the 7th grade Dad would take she and her friend Kayleen to school. "We were in Jr high and we wanted so desperately to maintain our cool imagine, at all times. We would beg him to please drop us off as soon as we saw the school. But no he would drive us ALL THE WAY up to the front door. Then honk goodbye as we would get out of the car. One time I remember him bringing a large dog, with us all in our little Honda."
This is Ralph the Wonder Dog. He was really my dog since I took him running every morning and slept right beside me. He would hear me put on my wind pants and he was ready. He liked to chase the kids and play with them in the backyard, and in the winter steal their hat and mittens. We made steps over our fense so the kids had a short cut to the bus. Ethan recalls us letting Ralph out to chase them down as they went over the fence.
The summer of 1990 Dane and I went to Alaska for my 20 year class reunion.
For spring break we took the kids to Disney World
Ethan writes "There wasn't a single Thursday night or Saturday morning growing up that I wasn't excited to go play basketball with Dad, well maybe the early Saturday mornings when i was in high school. But I love playing hoop with the Dude."
Aaron was called to serve a mission to Padova, ItalyChristmas 1993

Our friends the Clarks gave us "Sherman." We were worried that Ralph wouldn't like him but actually I think it made Ralph live longer and he was perfect for us. We loved Sherm, he had such a gentle spirit, not demanding,and he wanted you to pet him until your finger prints wore off. This dog could really jump, he had a vertical jump that put most hoop players to shame. In the summer we would cut his locks short and in the winter he looked like a big white lion. When he was a pup he liked books and had a thurst for especially spiritual knowledge. He devoured Danes new scriptures and his Sunday school manual. For a long time you still used them.
Christmas 1994
In May of 1995 We took the family including the Grandparents to Italy to pick Anziano Schofield up from his mission. We visited all of the places that he served. Padova, Venizia, Bologna, Siena, Livirno, Pisa, Prama, Firenze and Roma.
Summer of 95 Ashley was off to BYUChristmas 1995
June 8, 1996 Aaron and Natali Christensen
were sealed in the Boutiful, Utah TempleChristmas 1996
It was -10 when this picture was taken.

We had to go to snowmobiling in Yellowstone Park to get warm.Lucky for us Dane had some business in Hawaii so Ashley , Ethan and I got to go.I fell in love with a "hammock" and we would watch for "hail bop"
Christmas 1997
Caribbean Cruise St Thomas, St Maarten the nude beach was a real eye opener. Our tour guide really wanted us to see this beach and said that he was taking us to the beach next to the nude beach and it would be ok. First thing we saw was a leathery man walking down the beach stark naked. Then a real show when some old people marched buy in the buff. The boys enjoyed the girl in the yellow thong putting lotion on her long, long legs
January 1998
We celebrated out 25th wedding Anniversary and Dane planned a surprise trip to California. I thought we were going to the hot springs in Wyo for the weekend and instead he took me to the airport, had our bags packed and all the plans made. We stayed at the Del Coronado, golfed at Pebble Beach and went to the LA Temple. It was a great trip and a wonderful surprise.

When Dane was 14 he was sealed in the LA Temple to his parents. While they were inside Dane , Stew and Dawn waited outside. Dane got busted for trying to get money out of the fountain, just like in this picture.
1998 October Scotland
(this is one of my favorite pictures, it brings back such happy times)
We were driving in the hills of Scotland seeing many different colors of sheep when we came around the corner and saw this guy. I was so excited and had to have my picture taken with him. When we were leaving we saw a huge tour bus pull up.... it was so staged.
In London we got to see "Beauty and the Beast"

January Ethan called to the Clevland Ohio missionWe became grandparents on March 25, 1999 Ethan James Schofield born.
Aaron and Natali became parents.1999
We took Ashley and my sister Judy to Maui and Kauai Hawaii

"In College Dad and Mom would come and visit me. My friends would line up to see who would be the lucky chosen to get to go to dinner with us. I think I was popular with the boys because they loved dad. More than me. One time Mom and Dad were down helping me move from one apartment to another place a couple of blocks away. Dad was getting tired of all the drudging work. How many little pieces of paper did I need? More shoes? And how many boxes of tampons did I keep finding? Finally he was DONE helping. He took a tampon out and pretended that he had a bloody nose and pushed one up his nose. Then he pretended that he was shot and was using another tampon for the bullet hole. This all took place outside on the sidewalk. Right as the boys I called to help pulled up. I think Ryan still recalls this as one of his favorite "Dane moments". I recall this as very embarrassing. "~Ashley
Christmas 1999
Notice Elder Schofield on a stick this time
He was in Ohio!


MommaGrace said...

So many trips, fun times, and wonderful memories. Loved seeing Pat and Vince's house on "F" St. again.
Great job, Jody !! (Now, can you do one for us? hehehe ;-)
Have a Sehr Gut time in Germany. We'll be thinking of you!
Love, The Grakster

Ashley said...

Like the pictures. You did a great job mom