Thursday, October 7, 2010

2000-2010 Tiger and Grandma

A wonderful decade of adding to our family
and travel, travel, travel.
2000We got this beautiful Boxter in Michigan
Ethan and Aaron remember that Aaron had the car for 3 hours before he and Nat left to celebrate their college graduation in Italy and drove it down to Youngstown, Ohio to show him the car. How Aaron ever found Ethan in the dark was a miracle. Aaron took the car to Ann Arbor and shipped it to MT.

Dane and I and Dawn and Wimp went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2000 Ashley and Richard Palmer
were sealed in the Billings, Mt Temple

Ethan came home from his mission and we were off on a Christmas Cruise to the western Caribbean, Cozumel, Grand Caymans and the ruins of Mexico.
Ethan recalls that Dad paid the Mexican dive master an extra $50.00 to let Ethan dive. Dad and Aaron taught him to dive on the boat ride out.

January 2001
Called to serve in the Billings Montana Temple
February 18, 2001 Alex Christopher Schofield was born
grandson # 2

I think baby Ethan was about 2 when Dane called him a Tiger dog.
His reply was no your "Tiger", so TIGER he is.

August 3, 2001
Ethan and Natalie Hall were sealed in the Billings, MT Temple

When Ethan and Natalie came to Montana to tell us that they wanted to get married we were out to lunch. Dane asked Natalie if she dated a lot while Ethan was on his mission. Her reply was "I get around" or so Dane, Ethan and I thought. She still claims to this day that she said "a fair amount"
Dane flew into NJ and picked up his beautiful new Boxter and drove to Philadelphia. Ethan flew in from SLC. His plane was late, and Dane sniffed his way to the airport and by some miracle they both arrived at the airport at the same time. (this was before cell phone times) They drove to Grand Rapids and stayed with Stew and Grace and also got to go to the high school prom. They watched the high school kids dirty dance. Then they drove to Montana and Ethan then flew back to Utah.
Christmas 2002
2002 Africa
In July Dane and I went to South Africa to visit our friends the Snows. It was a dream vacation, it was like we were in the movies. We went on safari Extar Game Ranch and saw all the big 5 up
close and personal. newlyweds
We took Ethan back to Ohio to check out where he served his mission and to take in a few baseball games. Ethan reminds me that we saw the Tigers play the Dodgers in Detroit in the fog. Then the Indians play the Dodgers in Cleveland. Next game was in Akron with the Akron Aer
os then the Church history stop in Kirtland. Finally the Mud Hens in Toledo. We saw a total of 5 games in 10 days and it was very fun.
March 4, 2003 Drew Aaron Schofield born
grandson # 3
August 26, 2003
Crewe Chisum Palmer was born

Ashley and Richard became parents
grandson # 4
Our darling Grandsons2004 Paris Bruege London
Ashley writes"Dad has taught me a love of traveling. And how to travel. In my short life I have been to many AMAZING locations. A lot of them have been because my dad decided we needed to check it out. See what Texas was all about. Seattle? Portugal. France!!! Greece (let's go back). London. Brugge (why not?) The first time I went abroad with out my dad, Paris, he was very unsure if I could do it. Although I was 28. He lined me up with tour books, websites, money and lots of advice. I found my hotels on line and then we chatted about pluses of each place. I am not a nervous traveler or unsure of myself. I know that it will work out. My plane will get there and that I will have an amazing time. Because my dad taught me."
2004 Cruise to the CarribeanMay 2004
When Aaron graduated with his MBA from Auburn we celebrated by going to Florida and visiting Disneyworld

August 28, 2004 Kade Aaron Schofield was born
Ethan and Natalie became parents
grandson #
5"All About the Tri"
Ethan had this great idea that the guys would do a triathlon, swim 1/2 miles, bike 17 miles and run 5K. They started training in the summer and the big race was in November in Catalina, California. Everyone finished and we were proud of our men. Congratulations guys good job! We all had matching shirts and good prizes.2004 November Cabo Mexico
after the tri we went to Cabo with the Ken and Cheri Peterson
2005 June 21, 2005 Peyton Dane Schofield was born
grandson # 7

Our best friends the Clarks moved from Montana and we miss them so each year we plan a little trip with them so this year it was
Vegas for Dane, Jody, Lenny and Kippi

October 2005
Beautiful fall trip to Bavar
ia, Budapest, and Prague
Dane was called to be the Bishop of the Hilltop Ward
later called the Alkali Creek Ward

Ashley adds "Dad always has music on. Always. I don't think I ever woke up to a Sunday without Church music playing in the background. Weekends can find him with music playing on the stereo as he reads. (same way I like to read). He taught me to LOVE the Four Seasons, Herman Hermits,The Cars and musicales. He bought me most of music, including a West Side Story tape. Now he is upgraded to an ipod. I was so envious that he had such a cool music player. And before me. He was lucky. Dad is one that is always happy to share and wants you to experience the same cool things that he loves. He bought me an ipod that year for Christmas. In fact, he upgraded my ipod over his the past couple of years. Now you can find him with headphones on jamming to music while he reads or hear the music blasting from his ipod/speakers (which I want by the way :)"
Dane loves dogs.
Sherm went to dog heaven in November and we were thinking that we might get a new dog in the spring, maybe a labradoodle. January pretty little black lab Stella came to us from Ethan and Nat. Stella barked at us the first time she saw us. February husky boy Finnley came to us from Ashley and Rich. The dogs are so happy together and we love our dogs! Morning and night walks and all the dog fur that comes with them.

Ethan - I love Tiger because he gives me money, brings me caramel waffle cookies, and is a lawyer. My favorite thing to do with Tiger is to take Finnley and Stella for walks.
Alex - My favorite things about Tiger are he gives me money, buys me doughnuts, takes me on cruises, and to the BYU games. I'm glad he likes sports like me. I love Tiger because he plays basketball with me.
Drew - I love Tiger because he plays marbles and hide the thimble with me. He is very silly because sometimes he calls me Alex.
Peyton - Tiger is funny. I love Tiger and Finnley and Stella too

May 18, 2006 Addison Kate Schofield
granddaughter #1

San Antonio, TX was fun with the ClarksMarch 9, 2007
Dayne J Maren Palmer was born
our 2nd granddaughter

Crewe- I love Tiger because he is funny. He takes me to the arcade.
He's nice. Happy Birthday.

Dayne- Happy Birthday Stinky pants!

April 2007 we started the house addition,
something that we had always wanted to do, it took forever and was finally ALL done the end of September.

Thanks Buck I LOVE IT!

Schofield and Clarks visited Savanna and Hilton Head
2008 Costa Rica
7 zip lines, 2 rappelling and terrible roads in Montverde
but first snow in Atlanta, canceled flight, sleepless night in the Atlanta airport, Liberia with no luggage, unbelievable bad roads to Monteverde, beautiful Tobacon Resort and hot springs but cloudy erupting volcano and Gpas 83rd birthday sitting on the tarmac in San Jose. 2008 Portugal and Greece
The wonderful trip to Athens the Acropolis and the Parthenon,
the Island of Myconos, then Lisboa Portugal

Clark Schofield
trip San Diego

October 7, 2008
Today is my Dad's birthday. He is a great dad and guy. Here are the ABC's why we think so:
He is an Amazing dad. He taught me to love Books. He is thoughtful and kind and loves to tease Crewe his fun grandson. Dayne is his namesake. An excellent Example at of fatherhood. Finn is the dog he took from us when we could not do it anymore. He is an awesome example to his Grandsons- He has 6 of them. He is a very funny man, I would even say, Hilarious. Ice Cream- he likes chocolate. While I think it's gross. He is always willing to share, even with Jody, a great wife to him. In case you didn't know, he has Killer thigh muscles and no hair on his lower Legs. He is lives in Montana and Never wants to leave. It is not rude to say he is Opinionated, he gives great advice. Here is a secret, he makes the best Pop Corn. Quick to get up in the morning to walk the dogs and also fits in a Run. "Remember you are a Schofield" his mantra. He is quite Tall, I hope Crewe gets his genes. Under it all he is a softy. Vader like in his defences. We all love him because he is X-tra amazing to us. Ze Love You! Ashley & family

Christmas Card 2008
2009 family cruise Cozemel, Honduras, Belize, Roatan, Great Strip Cay - Caribbean
The Best family vacation for all 16 of us

family-eat-sleep-play= perfect!

Kade-My favorite memory is the Cruise
and I love playing basketball with Tiger in your backyard.

Addison- I love Tiger because he always brings me presents.

Schofield- Clark trip was to Dawn and Wimps in Porta Penesco, Mexico
sometimes called Crapsburg, the town that is.
May 2009 Congratulations Ethan College Graduate UVU,

September 2009
Our trip to China took us to Beijing and Simati Great Wall, Xian with the Terricota Warriers,
Guilin and the Tigers, Linn River Cruise to Youngshou and the million lime stone hills, Shanghi, and the millions of people.
Gross food so thanks heavens for McD's.
As we hiked to the Great Wall of China
we had our own personal sherpas these 2 ladies.
I am pretty sure we were helping them

Wednesday October 7, 2009
Today is my father in law Dane's birthday.
Thanks Dane for taking such good care of us,
sharing your love of travel with us,
and making our lives happy.
We love you!
Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison

Disneyland trip, Utah skiing, California, Rocky Point, Mexico, Yellowstone Park

Our life together has been wonderful!
We have been blessed with a wonderful family, lots of love for each other and our family
good health, many wonderful memories and happy times.
I love you more today than yesterday.
Happy Birthday Darlin!
love you P
and Happy Birthday from all your family


Anonymous said...

thanks pooh !!!! very touching posts. thanks kids for the kind words. love from your old dad.

Ashley said...

Happy birthday pop

Love you

AmandaS said...

Happy Birthday stinky pants!!! (Dayne is so cute!)

I've loved your posts!

Rich said...

What a great decade! Thanks for letting me be a part. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dane.

{natalie} said...

happy happy birthday. it has been fun to go down memory lane with these posts. i'm glad i'm a part of your family.