Friday, October 8, 2010

Let's Celebrate

So Dane has had a big birthday and to celebrate we are going to Germany and Austria. We have been several times before but this time we are taking Ashley and Rich and Ethan and Natalie to enjoy. Aaron and the Dr. couldn't get the time off so they are going to celebrate Dads birthday in Disneyland in November.
We leave in the AM and fly to Munich. From Munich we are renting a car and driving through the fall countryside to Neuschwannstein to see the very cool castle that Walt Disney fashioned his castle after. Then to this little town where they make violins then on to Garmish. The next days plans takes us to Chiemse to visit Ludvig the somethings summer palace and then the salt mines in Bechtesgaden and Hitlers Eagles nest. By Wednesday we will be in Salsburg for 2 nights to see the sites like Mozart Home. Then we are going to the Chez Republic this little picturesque town called Cesky Krumlov. Then we will work our way back to Munich and then home. We are excited and wish that Aaron and Nat were coming with us too.
Happy Birthday to Dane!!!!

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Sally and Paul said...

We LOVED Neuschwannstein and Salsburg!!! Have lots of fun for us.