Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things"

is the capital city of Bavaria and is located on the River Isar,
it is the 3rd largest city in Germany.
We arrived early Sunday morning after a 10 hour flight from Chicago
found our hotel and went out to explore.
In the center of Munich is a major tourist attraction the "Marienplatz" with the Rathaus Glockenspiel. It dates back to 1908 and chimes on the hour. The Glockenspiel tells the story of the the marriage of the Duke who founded the Hofbrauhaus. After watching it several times we all decided it was lame.After a city bus tour, a cat nap, that evening we went to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner. It is the most famous beer hall in the world supposedly. Notice the excellent dinner that Ethan ordered "Schweinshaxe or pork knuckle.
The next morning we picked up our van Volkswagon Caddi Maxi and headed out of Munich by 10 AM to
Neuschwanstein Castle
the castle that Walt Disney fashioned his castle after.
It is the royal palace in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, the most famous of three royal palaces built for Louis II of Bavaria, sometimes referred to as Mad King Ludwig. When we first arrived the castle was in the clouds. We ate the best brauts on great hard rolls.
Zugspitz on our way to Garmish, which is a little ski town.
9 holes of golf for $34.00 but beautiful scenery
We really liked this cute little village and its shops. It has a worldwide reputation as a center of violin and instrument making even though we didn't get to see any factory or anyone making instruments.
Florian Scheckfoto@scheck-online.com for Wikimedia Commons 2006-01-28
Herrenchiemsee Castle
After driving though the fall countryside and around lake Kochel we found the ferry to the Castle. King Ludwig II of Bavaria, widely regarded as insane, 2nd of his three castles."He didn’t like the thought of being outdone, and fancied himself as one of the great kings of Europe. So he studied Versailles carefully in order to make his version as close as possible to the original. Herrenchiemsee lacks the two side wings of Versailles, has a somewhat different interior layout, and is located in a much more secluded setting. But the overall design of the architecture—and even the choice of artwork, fabrics, and d├ęcor inside—reflects the sensibilities of French royalty. Construction began in 1878, financed by the king’s personal fortune. Like Neuschwanstein, this castle was never completed. Its structure was built in just a few years, but only a fraction of the interior rooms were ever finished."
Crazy King Ludwig's copy of Versailles has more modern facilities including a central heating system and a large heated bathtub. The dining room table has an elevator, and unlike Versailles it did have a toilet.The next morning we headed out in the fog with "Heidi" our GPS over the river and though the woods. The road was about 8 feet wide and we were sure we were going up someones drive way crossing the German Austria border.
Hallein Salt Mine
The mine has been worked for over 7,000 years.
Salzburg Austria
is the 4th largest city in Austria and the capital of the federal state of Salzburg.
Notice the monk on the right hand side.
He was a street performer that painted his face yellow, stood still and asked for money.
A little creepy and not that great.
But Ethan had him down and then he was with us the rest of the trip;)
Salzburg is the home to Mozart and the setting for The Sound of Music.
Maria and the children danced and sang around this park. After visiting all of these placed we went back to the hotel and watched The Sound of Music. It was fun as I don't think the boys would of ever had watched it.
The Weisswurst- white sausage wasn't a hit but it is popular. We tried it and barf. I don't want to tell you what was really said about this sausage. We had one dinner at a very nice place where we order Wienersnitchel and when the waiter repeated the order he said "you will have a wiener". We were like 14 year old boys snickering.
Like all trips we try and find a Mexican food place. This too was interesting. The burrito had every kind of vegetable plus water chestnuts and a little meat. Dane got some of his German messed up and tried to order hund (dog) fajitas. The waitress laughed with us all.Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic
A mid evil village amongst the beautiful fall colored hills
and lots of Oriental tourists. When we crossed the border we needed to get some "Krowns" but we didn't know how much they were worth. Dane and Ethan decided to get 400 Krowns out of the ATM to start with. Turns out they got $23.00 worth.
Our hotel had huge rooms that were like a museum.

Ash and Riches room had a huge chandelier and a dining room table which was perfect for playing games that evening. Ethan and Natalies room had 2 bathrooms. Our room well it had a huge beam that kept trying to smack Dane in the head.
(see the creep guy, I thought he was funny)
What a great trip!

Darlin and Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

what a great post. Thanks honey for being the vidieo champ and keeping the records.You forgot to mention my German language skills. Who said I didnt mean Dog?

ashley said...

THis is a a great post. I love it. Thank you!

the trip was so wonderful. I loved everything about it. THANK YOU!!!!

PsI did not like the weird face that Ethan kept making.