Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Great Time

While the leaves were multiplying in my back yard I went to California to help Ashley with her first big Relief Society activity, "Fabulously Friday." Lets be honest here I went to see Crewe and Dayne and Ashley put me to work:) She keeps telling her brothers that all you have to do is call for "the Mom" and she will come. The RS activity went great and we got in lots of fun too.
Crewe is swimming like a fish on a winter swim team,
if you can call it winter it was in the low 80's.
I got to visit his 1st grade classroom and he can read like crazy!!
Crewe got to miss school and Rich took the day off and we all went to the Monterrey Aquarium. Oh I think I need to dive again.We all loved the aquarium. They had a great kids zone and I think all of our favorite was the huge school of sardines that swam and swam in circles.I got to go to Daynes art class
but I think she should be a model not an artist.While I was in CA the boys called for the Dad to come to Utah and see the Cougars play basket ball and kill UNLV at football. He had the best time with them. Had good eats, saw some grandson football, model airplane flight by captain Aaron and loved his Cougar victories.
With several phone calls and lots of luck I was able to take a later flight and enjoy the grandkids too. Also got $200 worth of coupons for giving up my seat.
In August E wasn't taller than me
but he has me now! He was happy.
Aaron caught me when he was in the 6th grade too.

So back to leaf duty as I am sure the snow is coming soon.

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Ashley said...

The whole weekend was so perfect. Thank you so much for coming. We had a great time. And my kids loved having you here, us too. Thanks!!!