Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's the Best Time of the Year

It is close to December so I am busy getting my Christmas out.
The tree is up and it looks wonderful.
I have these cool lime green sparkly pics on most every branch.
Well kind of.
I have this bad dog that every time I leave the house she has to remove one.
I scold her and put her in time out and am sure she gets the message.
I heard that dogs don't like aluminum foil.
So when I got ready to leave I put a piece on where she took 2 off
thinking she would get the hint.
Well I am now down 3.
Seriously Stella do I have to put a fence around the tree?


Joan said...

So why do we constantly have those dumb dogs in our lives? I have lived 59 years and had dogs for about 56 of them. It's a good thing they are so cute and loyal isn't it?

Ashley said...

Dang that Dog!

ethan said...

it could be fin !!! she's get a bad rep

{natalie} said...

hahaha. that crazy lady. at least your dogs don't sleep in the tree. your house is always so cozy at Christmas time, I love it.