Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 family and friends
Since Dane got rave reviews for last years Christmas letter he will be adding "Christmas letter writing" to his resume from now on. Like most resumes, you can put anything on it: doesn't make it true, but what the heck, Jody wants me to write the letter so I do what I am told.
We have had a busy year of travel and fun. I turned 60 this year and to celebrate, we went to Germany, Austria and the Chech Republic. We rented a car and saw the beautiful Bavaria countryside. We loved Salzburg and had a great time watching the Sound of Music after touring the city. Lots of schnitzel and wurst!! We ate at the Hofbrau in Munich with 4,000 of our closest friends. We went to our usual Mexican restaurant abroad. I meant to order hunne, which is chicken. Instead I ordered hund, which is dog. The server wasn't very polite. she told the whole staff and everybody laughed at the dumb American. Oh well, if you want dog, go to China. "Good dog: has a totally different meaning there.
We popped up to Alaska for Jody's 20/20 class reunion. We saw lots of old friends and classmates. We almost forgot how beautiful Alaska is. Stayed with sister Judy's place and hit all the old hangouts.
We could balance the country's budget on what we've spent flying back and forth to Utah and California to visit the kids. Speaking of which, time now for a kid report. We like our grand kids more than the kids but don't most grandparents? We try not to brag because honestly, those are the reasons why most people hate Christmas letters. So whatever we tell you, multiply times 10.
Aaron and his wife (joke is that one year we forgot to mention her by name) and their 4 sports crazy sons, Ethan 11, Alex 9, Drew 7, Peyton 5, are well in Utah. I don't know how they keep up with all the boys activities. Oh, her name is Dr. Nat.
Ashley and Rich Palmer are alive and will in California. She loves to call when the weather is horrible in Montana. They have two funny and happy kids, Crewe 7 and Dayne 3.
The youngest Ethan is actually not too young. He turned 30 at the end of last year and we hate the aging process. He and his wife, the other Nat are still in Utah and have two well adjusted delightful children Kade 6, and Addison 4.
The two labs, Finnley and Stella don't seem to make the Christmas picture. They keep us busy with lots of walks and sweeping up the dog hair. For Christmas this year they are both getting Rogaine.
My parents are still doing well and we see and play with them regularly. Jody had two foot surgeries this year (please don't quit reading.) I had a cold for a week. O.K. you can quite reading now.
May your Christmas season be joyful. Thanks for being our friends. We love hearing from you.
Christmas Cheer, dane and jody

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