Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A great Christmas!

I had forgotten how fun it is is have little ones for Christmas. They BELIEVE
CP told his Mom that he had a great idea-
he asked Santa to bring Tiger a Wii
Guess what Santa brought for Tiger?
Christmas Eve I overheard Crewe telling Dayne that he wrote Santa a letter telling him that he had been a good boy. Dayne was concerned that she hadn't written a letter. His reply was that Santa always knows what you are doing so you NEED to be good.
Dayne kept telling us that she was the luckiest girl ever
Dayne has had more fun playing with the dogs than the "LaLa Loopsy" doll.
Ash has enjoyed her 5 new books that she got from Santa
while I have loved my new Ipad and Dane his Wii and his new ipod
Rich has loved learned to fly his
remote controlled helicopter from Aaron and Nat

What a great Christmas
thanks Santa!

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