Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just call us Transporters

We have had enough snow already for the entire winter. With snow comes the Grandparents desire to be snow birds and head to Mexico. The perfect time to drive them down was the first weekend in December so we headed into winter wonderland.
Ethan finished the transporting and we stayed in Utah for a visit with the family. My sister Judy came from Nashville to have the dr rearrange her teeth, so it was packed full of fun weekend. We had such a good time. Alex modeled his new braces while Addison was the pet trainer. Kade announced that he was French as he was looking very cool. Aaron did a plane show for us which Judy and I really liked. We played, we shopped, took in a neat bazaar, ate many excellent meals and celebrated Dr Nats birthday.
While the boys went to 2 basketball games in one night we girls went to the festival of trees which was a visual overload. I think they must of had 1000 trees which were all beautiful. With a ton of new ideas Judy and I helped decorate Ethan and Nat's tree and house, it was a fun pj party.

I can't decide what the highlight of the weekend was but one of them was going to Temple Square and seeing all the lights. It was so BEAUTIFUL. Judy loved it and we got to share lots about the Church and its wonderful teachings, she was impressed, or she was good at faking it. It is just amazing how they can get so many lights on the trees.Sunday morning we got up real early to get into Salt Lake so we could get a seat for the "Spoken Word" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Unbeknown to us it was being held in the conference center which seat 22,000 so we arrived while the choir was rehearsing.
It was almost overwhelming when we walked in while they were singing and got to sit in the 6th row. WOW It was a great addition to the holiday spirit. We all enjoyed the beautiful music and the sweet Christmas message.
It was so fun to be with the family and share it all with my sister. She loved it too!

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I loved the trip with you.