Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Christmas Story
Ashley was Mary

Rich was Joseph
Crewe was a sheep "Baa"
Dayne started out as a camel but ended up as the angel "what's my line?"
After having 10 degree weather the 35 and sunny was perfect for playing outside.
We introduced the Californians to sledding, a gentle hill by the Par 3
No Senators and no dog Ralph biting and barking at you
Rich arrived this morning first stop Pugs then to the sledding hill
It was very fun- Dayne and Crewe loved their first sledding experience
Dane and Dayne ready for fun
When they got to the top of the hill Dayne said
"friends give friends a hand, Crewe carried my sled for me."
Next stop the arcade - Crewe loves this game
he played for 30 min on one token with a little trash talk of "that's all you got"
Dayne loves the dogs and Fin held still long enough for them both to crash
A very tired Fin
Merry Christmas!

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nice posy you Christmas bear