Sunday, January 30, 2011

and DONE

I have read the Book of Mormon many times. A few times start to finish, but mostly studied, pondered and prayed a little at a time. I know that it is the word of God.
I can remember the first time that I read the Book of Mormon I was taking a college course at BYU and it was all new to me, I was a new member of the Church and hung on every word. I loved that class and was totally fascinated when I learned about the 3 Nephities , 3 Nephi 28, that are left on the earth. That is why I always give money to the bums on the corne; they might be one of the 3 Nephities.
Another time that I really studied the Book of Mormon in depth was when I was teaching seminary. I studied everyday, prayed and taught not knowing if anything ever sank in to any of the kids. Some of the first lessons were from Moroni 10:5 "ask God the Eteranl Father, in the name of Jesus Christ if these things are true..." One boy came every morning and slept. One day at the end of the year he raised his hand and said " I asked God if the Book of Mormon was true and It is." All the early mornings were totally worth it.
In October General Conference President Hinkley challenged us all to read the entire Book of Mormon by the end of year.
This time I have read the Book of Mormon in 28 days, cover to cover. I have learned that It truly is the word of God and can bring you closer to God than anything else. I felt closer to my Heavenly Father and felt his guiding hand every day. Some days I felt like Parley P Pratt when he was reading the Book of Mormon for the first time "I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I just wanted to read the book." I have learned that the Isaiah chapters are still hard to understand and I wonder why there are so many chapters about their wars.
I know the major message is "come unto Christ."

So try It you will love It.

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good job !! Please see me for a special reward. heh heh